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Today, the development of any business requires not only an idea, but also a good initial capital, only units can quickly start and achieve great success. Subsidies from banks, state support is certainly available in this regard, but in percentage terms it is so small now, or requires a lot of strict conditions that not everyone can pass.

As a result, a small number of small and medium-sized businesses receive financial assistance or loans are issued to already proven projects for a long time. This situation leads to the slow introduction and emergence of new innovative technologies, as well as to the monopoly of large enterprises, competition with which others can not stand.But the positive thing until recently was the emergence of crowdfunding, which helps to organize a gathering of all interested persons for any startup and this idea was a success. The results were good, but not all projects became successful in the future, developed according to the plan, some turned out to be scammers, and people had to say goodbye to their investments.

Further, this possibility was replaced by blockchain technology, which several times was able to increase the flow of investments in new companies by eliminating territorial restrictions, intermediaries in the form of banking and electronic payment systems. This event was called ICO (Initial Coins offering), the initial placement of coins, which for some gave a large percentage of profits. But also here it was not without deceivers and loss of money by people.

And in order to protect the financial resources of investors and help many entrepreneurs to gain confidence on their part, an interesting and promising platform called Loligo is being created!

How does the “safety” mechanism work?

In its work, the platform uses a system of mutual settlements between investors and developers using DAICO contracts. Smart contracts allow participants to decide by themselves how much to allocate to developers for the further development of the project. And in the event that investors are dissatisfied with the implementation of the road map, a mechanism for withdrawing funds is provided.

Simply put, if investors have doubts about the viability of an ICO, they can at any time return the invested money back to the exchange of tokens on the previously invested crypto currency. The platform was developed for the launch and smooth operation of promising ICO, has open source code and is free. Thus, its attractiveness for professional founders and investors is achieved.

Features and benefits of the platform


  • the use of DAICO contracts allows us to finally solve the problem of investment safety;
  • Smart contracts LCC allow investors to monitor the progress of all stages of the road map;
  • a set of platform tools contains the necessary controls and restrictions on access to the blockroom;
  • the process of launching a new ICO strictly follows the established rules and is controlled by investors at each stage;
  • the first “fair” self-organized management model, operating on the basis of voting participants;
  • optimal performance is provided through a dedicated ICO network.

Functional features of LOLIGO

The possibility of mining is the key difference between LOLIGO tokens and most other crypto currencies on the market. The main token is available for production, and its value is guaranteed in proportion to the minimum value of the energy expended. The platform’s blockbuster runs on open source code, is public, is aimed at broad adoption by the society and active development already in the near future.

As in the case of Bitcoin, the release of Loligo is based on the principle of deflation. Thus, the release of tokens will be reduced as the complexity of their extraction increases. The latter, in turn, will be adjusted in accordance with the common hashreit. An important factor here is the factor of the limited supply. The fixed number of Loligo tokens is strictly defined in advance and no further changes are allowed.

Investment attractiveness of the project

Loligo is a real digital means of accumulating value, just like, for example, like gold or Bitcoin. This is the key difference between this crypto currency and “auxiliary” tokens, the emission of which is controlled by a single line of code. A limited number of released tokens ensures that there is no hidden inflation. And in the medium and long term, their deficit is guaranteed to provide ever-increasing returns on investment.




 Loligo will help more real companies enter the market with the help of digital tokens, have more potential for development and promotion of popularity, increase the liquidity of the made crypto-exchange rates, offering replacements naturally on the site itself. Every member has his own personal security reliable smart wallet. The number of Loligo tokens is limited by a problematic task and will have a good value if the software calculation succeeds successfully.Suddenly, the idea of

the same team is very promising, as many large organizations are already beginning to apply blockchain technology in their infrastructure, taking into account its good outstanding qualities in the form of confidentiality and security of information information, rapid transactions. 

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