One Blockchain at a Time

Loonie Network is a platform that seeks to iron out these challenges. Built on the Ethereum blockchain Loonie Network will offer an ecosystem where bounty hunters, freelancers will beable to find gigs, get paid and exchange their tokens easily and intuitively.

Loonie Bounty Exchange

To help ease the troubles faced by bounty hunters, we are developing a platform where bounty hunters can come and trade their hard earned tokens easily and intuitively without having to worry about trade limits. Trade limits are the biggest issue that causes bounty hunters to give up in frustration and we want to eliminate that hurdle and hence motivate bounty participants to continue doing their work knowing that as long as their token is listed at an exchange, they will be able to exchange that token on the Loonie bounty exchange.

Loonie Dex

Presently we have centralized exchanges, the big names like Binance, Kucoin, HitBtc etc. Then we have the decentralized exchanges: those that operate directly on the blockchain and those that have an off chain order book which is connected to the blockchain in some way, through a relay. They can perform all the activities off the chain as long and no assets have been exchanged by any parties. However, as soon as assets need to change hands, the exchange then relays the transaction to the blockchain. This saves the user a lot in fees since they don’t have to pay for every single activity.

The Ethereum blockchain requires that every transaction is paid for, the fees are used to pay the miners for processing the transactions. In a completely blockchain based exchange, even canceling an order is paid for and therefore costly and slow as the exchange speed is completely determined by the blockchain status. Imagine placing an order and having to wait 3 minutes for the buy/sell order to be placed, then waiting for it to be fulfilled and are forced to pay for everything you do, whether by accident or design

It’s a nightmare at times, but these are needed because of the offer some level of security that a centralized exchange will not have. The users’ funds are held by the owners until a time they need to actually exchange them. There is no risk for the exchange, and there is little risk for the user (there will always be risks involved when dealing with crypto online.)

Loonie Freelancers

Loonie Freelancer will solve the payment problem by using cryptocurrencies to pay for services. In the early stages, Job posters will be required to pay in either Eth or LNI tokens. Those that use Eth tokens will only pay 1% fees. That is a significantly lower fee than the average paid on traditional platforms. After our exchange is fully operational, the users will be able to pay for services in several tokens and coins.


Our Platform Will Give Users An Opportunity To:

  • Consolidate Bounty tokens.
  • Sell their valuable services and earn crypto.
  • Exchange crypto currencies in a decentralized and anonymous environment.

Loonie Network will be rolled out in three phases. In phase one, our bounty exchange will allow bounty hunters to consolidate their dozen tokens into one or two that they can then easily trade either directly on the platform or on their preferred exchange.

Phase two will see the introduction of a fair and affordable Freelancing platform based on smart contracts to ensure all parties involved are protected.

Phase will bring a new kind of decentralized exchange.

The Loonie Token

The Loonie Token is an Ethereum ERC20 token. All the transactions of the token are calls to an Ethereum smart contract that executes the transactions on behalf of the calling address. A user who is transferring tokens to another invokes a transfer function on the Loonie Smart Contract which then moves those funds from one wallet to the other. All the unsold tokens will be split between Airdrops and Jury funds (For resolving disputes in the Freelancer Platform).


50% Crowdsale

25% Branding & Marketing

15% Team

10% Bounty

Token Sales Contribution

50% HR & Development

30% Branding & Marketing

10% Exchange listings

10% Legal Advisory

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