Type of bets in which champions are selected based on illustrations of packages from among persons who paid in cash to show interest. Special plans that require thinking or buying, as well as offers of prizes based solely on arbitrary opportunity, are considered as a lottery and are usually illegal. In correlation, the tote destroys the mind, and the call destroys the opportunity.

Loteo is a computerized, mechanized lottery stage that uses blockchain and related contracts to create a completely simple lottery game, in which your chances are relatively higher compared to regular lotteries. LOTES is a security token that is intended for sale as part of private financing (STO). Under all preliminary conditions, there will be no open deals, unless there are any special problems to fill out the structure on the website: www.playloteo.com. This token gives owners the opportunity to benefit from participation in the lottery, not being participants in the amount of 20% of each prize reward.

With the computerized era of the lottery, there is currently an alternative to continuing work, like every advanced stage that transcends national and even continental borders. More importantly, the rise of the blockchain as a genetically suitable innovation for organizations has made the new interest powerful in relation to the chronic improvement of lotteries. Trust has a solid foundation for fruitful lotteries. Customers should ensure that the engagement is completed with a simple, sensible and randomized design. A huge number of difficulties, both late and past, caused damage to the fame of traditionally concentrated lotteries.

Lots are locked for 15 months, and at this time it is unrealistic to expect a purchase or offer them anywhere else. After the first 15 months, another round of subsidies will take place, under which LOTEO will sell at least 30% of all tokens in accordance with legal and administrative needs. All details will be revealed before this case. After the sale of these tokens, the token will be registered at the auction. After 15 months, the lottery will require a maximum of 20% of all security tokens, and 80% will be decentralized, which will not allow control of the lottery. In addition, the token has the ability to administer, which means that any huge change must be made by agreement, and any holder of the token can issue a recommendation or vote.

Token Information
Token Name: LOTES
Platform Token: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC827
ICO price: 0.0569 USD
Acceptance of payments: BTC, ETH and EUR
Soft capitalization: 1 500 000 EUR
Solid capitalization: 2 500 000 EUR

We are currently faced with the start of another period for financing new Blockchain companies. a means of an ever more robust, guided machine known as the Token of Safety. At the moment, it is a new means of attracting institutional capital needed for transformational change. Although the security token sets the bar for two organizations and financial professionals trying to channel resources into our innovative future, it further reduces theoretical insanity.

In addition, we describe in more detail the point underlying the structure with two tokens and outline an example of using such a structure with LOTEO – the fully mechanized lottery stage that uses the blockchain and related contracts to be completely simple, where your chances are especially higher compared to with regular lotteries.

Transactions are an important part of the biological system of the blockchain, not only in the light of the fact that they provide liquidity to the tokens, but, in addition, some of them make it possible to go by installments to obtain tokens or, in our days, even the stage of group financing for various types of organizations. Without a doubt, you understand that transactions, as a rule, operate in an unregulated state, but there are a few special cases that satisfy the legal sequence, and they represent our main interest. Thus, we strive to inform you about the upcoming association with the EU authorized trade organization ETERBASE for cooperation.

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