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Loyakk: Business Enterprise platform

Amongst many successes attributed to blockchain technology is the ability for peer-to-peer interactions thereby giving room for users on a blockchain based network to transact and connect with one another with respect to primary business functionalities. With the increased functionalities of blockchain network, more and more solutions have evolved over the years ranging from mobile application integration to web application integrations.

As notable developments have been witnessed in the blockchain industry, so has the industry of Software as a Service (SaaS) witnessed. More crypto based companies have resorted to creating SaaS platforms by which blockchain based softwares are licenced on the basis of subscriptions. Users who are interested in such a SaaS platform would need to subscribe for the specified services needed through web browsers. Based on appropriacy with respect to user demands within the crypto-economy, I did a thorough research and found out about Loyakk which forms the basis for this article writing.

Loyakk is a blockchain based platform built with patent-pending technology. In other words, Loyakk platform is an enterprise business network which makes it possible for companies to use their business network partners with more efficieny, security, as well as more effective governance with respect to their business functions. Loyakk platform utilizes blockchain in combination with effective management strategies to put major platform issues such as data hijacking, Internet protocol theft, etc  in check while observing strict compliance with project specific and industry business rules.

The official utility token or Loyakk platform I called LYK which is the primary token use in performing all transactions and interactions across the network. Loyakk platform is built on the basis of the in-house utility token “LYK” which serves as a means of tracking and protecting important business data across the platform. The LYK tokens also perfors a number of business functions ranging from data carriage, to initiating permissions on certain strategic business functionalities of user s within the platform. The LTK tokens also functions in controlling data processing amongst users within the business chain thereby enabling auditable trails across company borders.  The protection of business data as it progresses through company boundaries is very critical and as such; Loyakk data token provides such data protection for all business transactions perford within the platform thereby assuring data security.

Loyakk Token statistics are as follows:

  • LYK token sale: Starts at June 15 and ends July 22.
  • Hard Cap: 28,000,000 USD.
  • Currencies being accepted for LYK token purchase: ETH and BTC.
  • Current LYK token release: 177,000,000.
  • Users Purchases (i.e tokens available for sale during the ongoing token sales): 60,000,000.

Benefits of Loyakk

  • Access to business engagements are subjected to a process of permission granting upon which access to a specified business engagement can then be gotten. This ultimately improves the level of reliability of the platform as not just anyone can get access to business functionalities without having to pass through the permission process.
  • Data exchanges within the platform are professionally streamlined and secured.
  • On Loyakk platform, digital assets movements are as accurate as could be possible and also timely driven.
  • Complex business deals are timely and efficiently performed within Loyakk platform.
  • All interactions and communications within Loyakk platform done in a very standardized manner which makes Loyakk Platform to stand out amongst other blockchain based platforms.
  • Loyakk platform is integrated with Vega Enterprise relationship platform which makes it possible for developers to be able to build third (3rd party blockchain based applications with its SDK development tools.

Loyakk Core Project Team

The success of any project lies greatly on the team make-up of the project. In the light of this, I’m pleased to inform you that Loyakk project team are highly experienced industry professionals which shows great level of auspiciousness for the project with respect to efficient implementation of the project. Below is a screenshot of Loyakk project team makeup for your perusal.

Loyakk Roadmap

Every standard and well planned project should have a Roadmap, this is predicated on why I deemed it necessary to show you a pictorial representation of the roadmap  showing Loyakk project duraaton.  Below is a screenshot showing the roadmap schedule of loyakk project.


Based on the afore-mentioned business enterprise solutions being offered by Loyakkk platform, it is my utter recommendation that everyone purchases as much LYK tokens as possible as holders of the tokens stand the chance to maximize the numerous benefits that Loyakk platform presents.

For more information about Loyakk Platform or Tokens, as well as how purchases of LYK tokens can be performed, kindly visit any of the following links:

Website: https://loyakk.io/
Whitepaper: http://www.loyakk.io/#white-paper
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2838562.0
Telegram: https://t.me/loyakk


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