Loyakk Vega: Blockchain-enabled Decentralized Business Relationship Platform

Loyakk Vega is a blockchain-enabled Decentralized Business Relationship Platform that enables enterprises to securely and efficiently exchange critical data and value within their business networks and in a contextual and relationship-aware manner.

The Loyakk Vega Platform embeds proprietary patent-pending blockchain technology implementation with advanced enterprise relationship management capabilities to address modern business-to-business engagement challenges across industries.

Loyakk Vega powers a full stack solution that includes the critical application and platform components and services that’s designed to readily enable early and evolving blockchain use cases across industries while supporting a firm’s vision and roadmap for enterprise-wide blockchain implementation and digital transformation.

Advantages Of Loyakk Vega Platform

Secure and disentangle the trading of data, joint effort and commitment among individuals from a circulated business organize

Enables reasonable perceivability and access to pertinent data by arrange individuals in light of the setting of character, relationship and business

Encourage protected, convenient, and precise development of advanced resources and qualities ​​among members in view of controls and business strategies that are dispersed over the system

Quicken and smooth complex assentions, multi-party ventures with shrewd contracts, and limit question through better data check and cause.

Institutionalize all communications on the system, accommodating data from various sources and frameworks around a typical adaptation of reality affirmed by arrange individuals.

Loyakk Token

Loyakk will mint an ERC20 consistent token that will be made accessible to clients and organizations. There will be a pool of 1 Billion of which 300 Million are in the present discharge.

The staying 700 Million tokens will be made accessible to big business clients (this may be liable to change contingent upon request imperatives).

Of this 300 Million pool, 60 Million will be influenced accessible for User to buy, and 123 Million for buy by Businesses. Organizations are not permitted to exchange in the Open Market.

Token Details

Loyakk Vega Business Relationship Platform – Token details & conditions
Partner: 5%
Incentives: 7%
Blockchain Research Fund: 10%
Team & Consultants: 17%
Token Buyer: 61%

Loyakk Ltd. reserves the right to change, pause, postpone, stop, at any time for the time required, for whatever reason

The price of the LYK token is set at £ 0.50 (before bonuses) in BTC or ETH. The
Token Prize in BTC and ETH is published by Loyakk on our website and in this document on February 21, 2018. Please note that this is the price before applicable
Bonus calculated based on when and how many tokens are purchased.
▶ Token Icon: LYK (utility token) (ERC20 standard)
▶ Total offer: 1,000,000,000
▶ Current version: 300,000,000
▶ For purchase by users: 60,000,000
▶ For the purchase of businesses: 123,000,000 (not eligible for resale)
& Incremental incentives
▶ Preis pro Token: £ 0.50 (vor Boni)
▶ Purchase options: BTC or ETH
▶ Unsold Pool: For larger corporate customers
(not allowed to resell)
▶ Employee Token: Issued only to Token Buyers and Will
Vest over a period of 1 year

Token contribution distribution

Token purchases through the token purchase are used for product and development, operation, marketing, purchasing, and customer acceptance, as well as legal and administrative costs Loyakk receives during the course
of the business. The token posts are used as follows

For more information you can see it at the link below:

Website : https://loyakk.io/

Whitepaper : https://loyakk.io/#white-paper

Twitter : https://twitter.com/loyakkvega

facebook : https://www.facebook.com/loyakk

ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2838562.0

Authored by Danny_yell: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1273420


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