Loyakk Vega Platform embeds proprietary patent-pending blockchain technology implementation with advanced enterprise relationship management capabilities to address modern business-to-business engagement challenges across industries, Loyakk’s mission also business challenges is going to be adressed by Loyakk’s because todays Businesses faces multiple challenges related to data security and privacy, data reconciliation, contract disputes, inefficient processes and limited governance within their business chain of networks leading to billions of dollars lost annually due to increased costs and lost revenues.

Loyakk Vega initialize proprietary patent-pending blockchain technology, which will be a solution to the problem of information exchange between companies alsoLoyakk Vega significantly provides cutting edge technology to address gaps that exist between business relationships, with modern business-to-business engagement across the industry. With such a system, Loyakk Vega enables efficient and sustainable business collaboration within a decentralized economy,blockchain technology to support permissioned sharing of data also The Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform will enable exchange of data, business context and value in a secure, permissioned, verifiable and immutable manner.

platform leverages patent-pending nestedblockchain architecture to validate transactions and move data and value between ecosystem participants,Companies that contribute and are directly involved in this system will be able to connect directly, interact, exchange data securely, and reward with their various partners and customers in the business network they have formed. The Loyakk team also developed a token called Loyakk tokens, which is required in transactions and interact directly with business networks or other companies, within the Loyakk Vega Platform

Loyakk Vega can also provide Users a Platform that can bridge business relationships between companies, safe and strong, and provide Users with diverse benefits and conveniences that can boost the profits of business relationships which they have created.Team Loyakk Vega also believes that with systematic and professional development,Loyakk Vega Team can build a better platform than similar platforms,Loyakk Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform’s Application,Vega Applications use Loyakk tokens to enable secure exchange of data, rules, and value within the business network,Loyakk platform will support cross application data workflows across the blockchain making sure that only the right information is shared between the concerned parties at the same time in a secure manner.

Loyakk ecosystem aims to provide a platform that will enable businesses engage with their network of partners in order to exchange information and data quickly and securely. To effectively run a business, a communication line has to be maintained that’s based on confidentiality between the various parties in order to avoid data leaks, patent theft, and contract disputes. The current challenges businesses face is that the available enterprise solutions are unreliable, unsecure, prone to attacks.This has necessitated a need for a paradigm shift in the enterprise solution.

Loyakk token is a carrier of data along with the rule and permissions that control access and propagation — beyond company boundaries,e Loyakk token propagates network-specific data, governance rules and policies that control how the data is used and propagated and updated based on identity, relationship, location, segments and user behavior,global financial system is enormous, requiring massive coordinated manpower and resources just to process a single transaction,Intermediaries are required to send,receive and verify transactions, resulting in a slow and cumbersome process

Token: LYK

Price PreICO: 1 LYK = 0.50 GBP

Price: 1 LYK = 0.50 GBP

Bonus: Available

Reward: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: BTC, ETH

Minimum investment: 200 LYK

Hard cap: 30,000,000 GB

More Information:
web: https://loyakk.io/
Whitepaper: http://www.loyakk.io/#white-paper
Twitter: https://twitter.com/loyakkvega
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loyakk
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC65iEvKT10Hlmn5iSB5SD-w
Medium: https://medium.com/loyakk-vega-blog
Telegram: https://t.me/loyakk

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