Loyakk Vega is a Decentralized Business Relation Platform bolstered by blockchain that empowers organizations to safely and productively trade basic information and incentive in their business systems and in a relevant and relationship way.

The Loyakk Vegetoy Platform implants patent-pending blockchain restrictive innovation with advanced corporate relationship administration capacities to address the difficulties of present day business-to-business engagement over the business.

Loyakk Vega offers quality to a full stack arrangement that incorporates basic application and stage segments and administrations intended to rapidly empower early and unblocking use cases over the business while supporting the organization’s vision and guide for blockchain execution and venture computerized change.


Loyakk’s mission is to transform how businesses create and deliver value in a new decentralized economy with their global network of partners, channels, distributors and vendors. Businesses today face many challenges related to data security and privacy, data reconciliation, contract disputes, inefficient processes and limited governance in their business networks that cause billions of dollars lost each year due to rising costs and lost revenue.

Loyakk takes on this real-world challenge through the Vega Vega Business Relations Platform backed by patents. Loyakk Vega is an enterprise-class platform that has been designed specifically for business-to-business engagement that is safe and decentralized. It leverages patent pending blockchain technology to support the sharing of permitted data, standard communication interfaces, accelerated value movements under smart contracts and policy propagation and consistent business policies – leading to increased security, efficiency and distributed governance across business networks .

Web Value Industry – Powered by the Vega Value Business Platform of High-Tech Industry

Companies will reconsider how they manage high-value businesses by better utilizing relationships across their business networks. By bringing partners, vendors, contractors, resellers and other sales agents into the public network, businesses will be able to change the way they sell, implement and support complex technology solutions. The Loyakk Vegetoy platform enables the sharing of secure IP agreements, projects and information, verifiable project tracking and smart contracts that are aware of the relationship between service delivery and compensation with contractors and vendors. All of these capabilities help speed up project agreement and execution; improve overall project agreement & profitability while greatly reducing project risk.

The Value of the Web Insurance Industry

A web with distributed value supported by Vega may enable insurance companies and various third parties to easily and instantly access and update relevant information (eg claims forms, evidence, adjustment reports, police reports etc.) and perform their roles efficiently through intelligent pre-defined. contract. With the ability of Vega to provide shared data storage / ledger on many trusted parties on the web of values, Insurers can independently verify the authenticity of customers, contracts and policy transactions by keeping a complete historical record, increasing the speed of offer and issuing policies and reducing or eliminating errors in process.


Secure and simplify the exchange of information, collaboration and engagement among members of a distributed business network

Allows permissible visibility and access to relevant data by network members based on the context of identity, relationship and business

Facilitate safe, timely, and accurate movement of digital assets and values ​​among participants based on regulations and business policies that are disseminated across the network

Accelerate and smooth complex agreements, multi-party projects with smart contracts, and minimize disputes through better data verification and origin.

Standardize all interactions on the network, helping to reconcile data from different sources and systems around a common version of the truth approved by network members.

Ensure that all data and interactions across ecosystems can be independently verified by customers, partners, auditors and regulators


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