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I want to tell you about this amazing new project, just starting the way to raise funds in the ICO. This project is called LUCRE and has all the opportunities to take the future as one of the main roles in its market segment to block technology. 
The LUCRE project will work on smart contracts from the Ethereum network, so you can ensure high security, decentralization, anonymity and token transfer speeds.

LUCRE created a team of highly qualified specialists with eight years of trading experience using algorithms. Simply storing crypto currencies for several months is not the best way to increase your capital. The LUCRE algorithm is based on conducting transactions that allow operations in both directions on the bull market and bear market, that is, using long and short order orders. Thus, one of the most important features of this project is the creation of conditions to generate income in all market conditions, to make purchases and sales at the right time. 

Some benefits of Lucre:

  1. Receive notifications about buying, selling and closing high-quality and exclusive commercial signals with an accuracy of more than 75% to make transactions on each exchange or through an intermediary.
  2. Full automatic system, compatible with all exchanges to connect LUCRE to your account without having to move your funds.
  3. The LCR token placed in the group will be controlled by the LUCRE algorithm. Tokens are limited to service access. You can make transactions by combining various options for trading strategies.
  4. The team will develop the project by conducting a marketing campaign aimed at the traditional financial sector and their participants, by creating information sheets, videos and various documentation. 

    My opinion about this concept is quite positive, I like the idea of ​​algorithmic signals and automatic trading. In modern scenes, crypto currencies must not rely solely on buying tokens and further expectations of their growth, other tactics – trading – exit first. We all know that trading on the stock exchange is very difficult, both emotionally and mentally, because it needs to take into account many nuances, to be able to predict and act contrary to market movements. 

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    LUCRE Group

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    Project roadmap

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    Twitter:  https: // / LucreToken

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