Lucre – Tokens Backed By Crypto Algorithms Trading Performance.

Blockchain has seen a high influx of investors with most not having an idea about what to do to their investment. Last year, 2017 the bull run was massive and investors left their tokens to appreciate as the run continued. Then came 2018 and the bear run started. Investors didn’t know if to continue holding or if to sell off or if to trade with it. Most that wanted to trade couldn’t because they didn’t have the technical know how. Ultimately, it made some investors lose some of their assets. Holding your assets as investors know isn’t an advisable way to increase your portfolio that is why it is advisable to trade so you can benefit from both directions of the market.


This is a platform that can help traders and investors leverage on both sides of the market. The level of experience doesn’t matter as there is an algorithm that can trade on behalf of everyone. The algorithm is built in a way that it can trade on both sides. That is buying and sell towards the direction of the price movement. This is a smart way to build your portfolio instead of just holding and expecting the price to gain.

Features of the Lucre Platform.

Users can set the algorithm to execute when a predefined condition is met. The algorithm then scans for buy and sell using the conditions. Traders do not have to be monitoring it as the algorithm can do that. This will totally wipe out the emotional factor that can be had in human trading. It can also preserve discipline, which will invariably increase consistency. Entries are also executed faster and signals can be scanned every second of the day which isn’t possible for a human. Below is the graph of holding BTC vs Lucre trading Algorithm, the distinction is clear enough.

Token Sale.

The token is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Total Supply – 12,500,00 Lucre.

Soft Cap – $1,600,000

Hard cap – $7,000,000

More on the ICO can be found on the Website and Whitepaper.


The Lucre Algorithm is one that most traders have been on the lookout for quite a while now. Imagine those of us that had our assets depreciate because of the bear run having this kind of solution for our assets. Well, better late than never. Lucre should be our number one choice for our currency trading.

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