All about lucretoken

  • LUCRE is a proprietary trading system and a signal service for electronic money, created in order to outperform the strategy of electronic money. It was developed by a team with 8-year experience of algorithmic trading.
  • The LUCRE algorithm is built on philosophy – not HODL; Human trafficking! Allows both long and short transactions. The great attractiveness of this project is the ability to generate revenue in all market conditions, buy and sell at every perceived opportunity.
  • Even when the market goes to the south, the algorithm tries to make a profit by cutting it.
  • Lucre Trading Algo will work on the trading platform Metatrader.
  • LCR Tokens will be sold only during the pre-sale event and the main token.

Yield on HODLing Bitcoin compared to the performance of transactional algorithms LUCRE

Algo transaction verification is performed for 365 days from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 in the MetaTrader Strategy Test using high-quality markup data. , Trade costs are calculated as 1% on the market for each transaction made in the form of a spread, and any exchange (interest rate) is charged if the transaction opens after 5:00. EST watch.

Signal service

Get signals of selling / buying / trading for high-quality and exclusive deals with an accuracy of + 75% for self-trading on any broker or stock exchange.

Automatic Transactions

A fully automated system is compatible with all Crypto exchange and CFD Forex broker to connect LUCRE to your account without transferring your money.

The LCR characters will be controlled by the LUCRE algorithm and the transaction group

Release and structure the token

  • General source code: 12 500 000 LCR
  • Available for purchase: 10 000 000 LCR
  • Tote type: ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain
  • Minimum increase: $ 2,000,000
  • Maximum increase: $ 7,000,000
  • 80% of the medals were issued to participants (10,000,000 LCR)
  • 14% for the developers and reserves of the company (1 750 000 LCR)
  • 3% for useful consultants (375,000 LCR)
  • 3% is used for Bounty and Marketing (375 000 LCR)
  • Premarket preparation period: October 15, 2018 (30 days)
  • Key token Sales Period: November 14, 2018 (4 weeks)
  • A significant part of the fund, 40%, will be devoted to servicing the development team and creating a fund
  • 40% will be provided by the Commercial Pool to provide profit to the participants in the sale of the Code
  • 15% for capital investments
  • 3% will be spent on marketing to attract new users to the platform, creating a community of tokens and services.
  • 2% is left for legal costs and compliance
Distribute the token

The LUCRE Group

Advisor to LUCRE

  • MANU KHULLAR: Director, Innovation and Acceleration Solutions
  • BOGDAN FIRUR: ICO consultant, ICObench expert
  • SIDNEY IFERGAN: Community Specialist Crypto & ICO
  • PSHENIN PSITER: founder of ICOboard, advisor to ICObench
  • GABRIELLE BERNASCUNI: Co-founder of the Genuino Blockchain laboratory
  • MIKE SNYDER: co-founder of BitcoinATM360

Project road map

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