LUXCESS - First Investment Fund With Zero Commission


Luxcess Group is the first investment fund with zero commission and lifetime award for contributors. LUXCESS GROUP is also called the Initial Coin Ofering project, which incorporates 3 styles of financial gain and can reward its supporters with long gifts. This investment firm fashioned the Royal platform, that relies on Blockchain technology. All investors are ready to deposit their coins to the current platform, which is able to treat the SHARE PROFIT principle. meaning that you simply can solely pay commissions on the proits we are going to build. you’ll absolutely management your capital. Luxcess Group will also increase LXC coin prices, by investing in our project only with our LXC coins. Join us now and we will together create a better tomorrow.

The Luxcess group could be a young team that consists of 25 traders, experts, analysts and external collaborators WHO have quite six years’ expertise of acting on the Forex market, Crypto mercantilism, start-up investments, and valuable commerce (gold and silver).The team that established Luxcess group was united by the eagerness for commerce, investments and achieving sensible business results.


We have stuck to an exquisite system for years. It combines a heterogeneous investment portfolio, experiences, and cooperation. The heterogeneous investment portfolio combines old-style and trendy investments, that job on splendidly and provide safe and semi permanent incomes. each gain strategy has its fluctuations. Thus, our team developed a system that mixes plenty of how, techniques and branch investments, and groups them throughout an entire with a goal to remain a seamless gain and clients’ happiness.

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of Luxcess Group is to assist folks become a part of an oversized investment family. On the opposite hand, the goal is to alter clear management and capital increase for as many folks as doable. we tend to invariably believe that cooperation, info and discipline square measure essential to success.

We not solely be part of investment, like Crypto mercantilism, Crypto mercantilism, Forex mercantilism, silver and gold and begin the project, however will give the combination of the final public into the relatives, which is able to increase the profit generated. and supply a much better tomorrow than all of its members.

To get Luxcess nearer to folks, we are going to open several new events in 2018, 2019 and 2020. There, folks can have the chance to find out additional concerning Luxcess Group , wherever our coworkers can invariably be accessible for your queries . additionally, it’ll be doable to shop for, sell or replace LXC coins at this workplace.

Luxcess Group project is located four pillars, as follows:

  • Transparency
  • System
  • Trend
  • Team work


We developed the Royal platform as a result of we wish our investors to own constant management over their capital. The advantage of this platform is blockchain-based technology, that has several positive factors, like speed, transparency, accuracy, dependability, security and decentralization. this suggests that you just can have a relentless management over your capital and you’ll be able to perpetually attempt to raise capital, withdraw only 1 half or the whole capital, all while not the price of entry and exit.In the Luxcess Group platform , you can check your Balance / credit as well as investment history and coin pricing.

The Luxcess Group platform is very easy to use,but you’re still an expert investment. This platform are obtainable as a mobile app moreover. As we tend to mentioned earlier, transparency in Luxcess cluster is incredibly vital, and this can be one amongst the explanations why we tend to set to line up the Royal platform.


The purpose of Luxcess Group is to introduce investment to the general public. We want to introduce it as an activity where a person can be involved. Thus, ideas and platforms are designed in such a way that ensures quick and fast usage, as everything can be done with a few mouse clicks.

We are the first project to beat three types of your income:

  • Coin price growth.
  • A reward if you get support from scratch.
  • Royal Luxcess Trading.


By participating in the ICO Luxcess Group project, you will earn LXC coins. The cryptocurrency to be received is Ethereum (ETH). The starting price of 1 LXC coin will be 0.15 USD during the ICO project. The amount of coins you will receive depends on when you invest in an ICO project. Those who invested in this project before will get more coins. This means that previous investments brought in more coins.

Symbol: LXC
Total Token: 35,000,000
Platform: Ethereum (ETH)
Token Price: 0.15 $

All the funds we will receive under the ICO project will be spread across five branches:

  • Development: 30%
  • Trading Investment: 40%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Overhead and administrative costs: 4%
  • Law and regulations: 6%

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