The vision of our investment group, Luxcess, is to help people become a part of a big investment family. On the other hand, the goal is to enable a transparent management and capital escalation for as many people as possible. We have always believed that teamwork, up-to-date information and discipline are most important for success. We will not only join the investments, such as crypto-holding, crypto-trading, forex trading, silver and gold and start up projects, but will also provide for integration of the general public into a big family, which will increase the generated profit and provide for a better tomorrow of all of its members.

The new project of the Luxcess team lies on the four pillars, which are as follows:


  • We have stuck to an excellent system for years. It combines a diversified investment portfolio, experiences, and teamwork. The diversified investment portfolio combines old-style and modern investments, which work together splendidly and provide safe and long-term incomes. Each income strategy has its fluctuations. Thus, our team developed a system that combines more strategies, techniques and branch investments, and groups them in a whole with a goal to keep a constant income and clients’ contentment.

Team work.

  • . Our team is bound by a common purpose — the realisation of the project that we have begun. Firstly, different opinions and points of view were brought together and later coordinated and combined into the best possible solution that will yield the best results for the project. For this reason, the teamwork in inAs it has already been stressed, the most important pillar of our vision is teamworkdispensable for us.


  • The Luxcess Group ensures the clarity and understandability of the whole story, because we believe that this is the only way to success and general contentment. Our platform, Royal, will enable a constant control over investors’ capital and will enable the payout of the means or their increase. It is important to bear in mind that our team’s principle is to operate at low risk, which means that we make smaller, but more constant and reliable profits, because we believe that this is the only longterm way forward in the world of investments.


  • The Luxcess group is a young innovative group, which stands by the fact that it is always important to follow trends. We are convinced that it is imperative to keep in step with the times and get everything from the new trends that will aid in the clients’ contentment and mutual success. We believe that we have to learn from the innovations, which is why we started training new personnel in the ways of blockchain technology. This will allow for an even greater success, contentment and profit in the future.


This is an investment platform on which, with mere clicks, you invest LXC coins in the internal LXC index, which is formed by portfolio’s successfulness.
On the platform, you will have constant control over your capital, and you can, at any time, decide to raise your capital, withdraw one part or withdraw the entire capital without an entry or exit charge. Here, you can check your current account credit, history of investments, the price of the LXC coin, any important information, as well as the news about the Luxcess Group. The platform is very simple to use, but still offers professional investments. It is going to be available as a mobile application, too.

For Investors.

The intention of the The Luxcess Group is to introduce investment to the general public. We wish to introduce it as an activity in which anyone can be involved. Thus, the idea and the platform are designed in a way that ensures a fast and quick use, since everything can be done with several clicks of the mouse.
We are the first project that offers you three types of earnings:
  • the coin price growth,
  • a reward in case of your support from the outset,
  • and Royal Luxcess Trading.



We believe in the Luxcess Group that mutual trust and support are important for success, so we have developed a system that will further reward all those who believe in our project and us in the long run.
How will we ensure this?

Off all the collected capital in the ICO project, we will invest as much as 40% of our existing LXC certificate. 50% of the profit generated, which we will create with these 40%, will be used to buy LXC tokens at the exchange offices. Once a month, the tokens purchased with this profit will be destroyed. It’s called BUY BACK and BURN. With this, a smaller number of tokens will be available from month to month, and consequently the token price will increase.

By participating in the ICO Luxcess Group project, you will earn LXC coins. The cryptocurrency to be received is Ethereum (ETH). The starting price of 1 LXC coin will be 0.15 USD during the ICO project. The amount of coins you will receive depends on when you invest in an ICO project. Those who invested in this project before will get more coins. This means that previous investments brought in more coins.
  • Symbol: LXC
  • Total Token: 35,000,000
  • Platform: Ethereum (ETH)
  • Token Price: 0.15 $

Token Details


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