LYKNED: Lynking World Through Blockchain.

We all know that trust for all people is important, because with trust, loyalty is automatically built. Trust is also not an easy thing to live, however, from each of us we will definitely maintain that

Lynked.World comes to the world of blockchain and crypto currencies with the main principle, namely, to overcome the “trust barrier” in digital identity, data and documents with the help of blockchain-based application development platforms.
Lynked.World’s role is very important in the digital world, their mission is to solve important problems faced by individuals and organizations in the digital world today, including:

  • The absence of a secure and trusted guaranteed identity from each individual and entity
  • There is no general premise for data trust and authenticity in various use cases
  • Inefficiency and increased costs because intermediaries are involved in the process
  • Inability to provide access to various types of services through digital platforms because of the nature of digital identity and related data is not safe

The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and consists of a feature-rich module that solves real-life problems around the trust and authenticity of digital identities, documents and data for both consumers and companies.

Digital Wallet

Creating a digital wallet to make it easier for us all, because we can store personal identification and other documents, such as, passports, driving licenses, medical records, degree certificates and many more, of course, can be accessed on mobile devices. And we can control digital information or share identities, document data directly with other entities, for example, companies, institutions and businesses, of course in a safe and convenient way and these documents can be verified safely on the Blockchain.

Share verified documents via QR code

Nowadays technology is very rapidly developing, therefore QR-Code is needed by humans, to accelerate work and make it easier for humans for some interests.
with, Lynked.World you can share or request certain documents, we will be very facilitated because the user can validate the request and authorize the distribution of data & documents themselves with the applicant. and of course this will be safe and easy to use by everyone.

Dynamic Profiles & Configurable Forms

Lynked.World also develops dynamic profiles and configurable forms, which will greatly help organizations to make forms easily, then distribute them to multi-area users.
With Lynked.World all users will have access to every authenticated digital identity created in that environment.
Users can also visit the organization’s profile and can submit applications for one of the various services available, digitally and by signing an application form.
Documents can also be automatically attached from the Lynked.World Digital Wallet along with the signed form.

Configurable Forms

In Lynked.World, organizations can use our “Configuration Forms” feature to create forms for various services offered by them. Then, organizations can add this digital form to their own profiles or publish them with an API.

Design and Issues of Identity Cards

We can make our own Identity Card, or our students and employees, the template will be easy to use because the operation is only by using drag and drop features. Meanwhile, Identity Cards that are created and published cannot be changed, but will be safe because they will be placed on the Blockchain. You will also easily share your identity using a QR code to get access to certain services or facilities.

Use and benefit of Digital Identity

Our digital identity solution greatly eliminates the risk of online transaction fraud because it utilizes Blockchain technology. Banks, financial organizations, and even online retail services can take advantage of Lynked.World’s application features to ensure that online payments, withdrawals, and so on.

Verified Profile for Professionals

  • A trusted professional network due to the authenticity of data and digital profiles
    Get professional credentials / certifications / projects that are verified by the source authority that issues the credentials.
  • Supports endorsement and recommendations for colleagues / colleagues
  • Subscribe to interested / company job openings to stay up-to-date on new news and vacancies
  • Order in a professional network
  • Create Blogs, Posts and Surveys and get rewards for your contributions
  • Participate in discussions and polls and get rewards for your participation

Job Portal

This will make it easier for us to get a job that suits our interests, with Lynked. World intermediaries for any background checks will be verified on the platform. In addition, Lynked.World will provide a reward system for users who refer jobs.

LYNK Token

LYNK tokens stand on the Ethereum platform, ERC-20 Tokens, LYNK token sales will begin on November 15, 2018 and continue until February 10, 2019. All sales have been broken down into 4 individual rounds at different discounts to
the base price, namely, (0, 35 USD) for each LYNK token.

Token Symbol: LYNK
Initial Token Supply: 200,000,000
General Sales Date: 15 November 2018 (09:00 GMT)
End Date: 10 February 2019 (11:00 GMT)
Number of tokens for sale: 150,000,000 LYNK
Hard Cap: 25,000. 000 USD
Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD
Exchange Rate Token: 1 LYNK = 0.35 USD
Acceptable Currency: Ethereum and Bitcoin

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