Lynked.World- Lynking the World through Blockchain

Lynked.World is a blockchain based secure platform for individuals and institutions to own, control and share digitally trusted identity, data and documents.

Lynked.World solves critical problems faced by individuals and organizations in today’s digital world:

  • An absence of a guaranteed secure and trusted identity of each individual and entity
  • No common premise for Trust and Authenticity of data across various use cases
  • Inefficiency and increased costs due to intermediaries involved in processes
  • Inability to provide access to many kinds of services over digital platforms due to the non-secure nature of digital identity and associated data

Lynked.World Ecosystem

At Lynked.World we are motivated to contribute to the next version of the digital age (Web 3.0) by building an ecosystem to harness the benefits that decentralized applications built on blockchain platforms provide. Our aim is to provide a multi-faceted solution comprising of an entire application platform based on blockchain. This will allow businesses to build customized forms and applications to cater to their own specific needs for providing different services to consumers, without needing to be concerned about the authenticity of the digital identities of the different entities involved and the data and documents shared by these entities

Our Ecosystem comprises of the following components in various stages of development:

– Digital Identity and Background Verification Platform

Digital Identity and Background Verification Platform has been adequately designed to eliminate the reasons and root causes of lack of trust in digital identities, digitally available documents and data.

Digital Peer to Peer Verification – How does it Work ?

Use Cases

• Identity Verification – 360-degree platform for users to get their identity and data verified and for institutes and organizations to verify identities of users without the need for any other tool or intermediary

• Documents / Data Verification – Peer to peer verification of digital documents and data with the proof of the authentication being stored on the blockchain permanently. • Easy Employment / Academic Background Verification – Organizations and / or Institutions requiring validation of employment or academic background for users on the application platform, can now do so easily on their own without external assistance

– Digital Wallet for sharing identity and documents that are verifiable on the block- chain

Lynked.World Digital wallet is a feature rich offering of our application portfolio, which aims to replace traditional practices of having to carry physical documents in person by making it possible to store and share digital documents securely and conveniently.

Use Cases

• Sharing identity documents when checking into hotels, hospitals using QR codes

• Sharing stored documents / tickets etc. using QR codes at airports, concerts and other places

• Sharing verified educational and professional certificates with relevant people for job applications, higher studies etc.

• Enabling authorities to issue digitally signed documents to user wallets

– Application Development Platform with easy to use configurable forms

Lynked.World Application platform is the primary basis of all applications built (built as a part of our product portfolio and/or third parties) on top of our ecosystem and forms the core of the entire suite of our products. The application platform is founded on top of the Ethereum blockchain and provides limitless opportunities for organizations to build and host their own applications on top, to cater to their own specific needs.

Verified and Trusted Professional Network – Job Portal

The Lynked.World Job Portal has materialized as a natural outcome of and complementing our other two products – “Digital Identity and Background Verification Platform” and “Trusted Professional Network”. The portal will help employers post job openings without involving any third party in the process, thereby reducing cost and increasing efficiency of the recruitment process.

  1. A trustworthy professional network owing to the authenticity of the data and the digital profiles
  2. Get professional credentials/certifications/projects verified by the source authorities issuing those credentials
  3. Supports endorsement and recommendations for co-workers/colleagues
  4. Subscribe to interested job postings/companies for staying up-to-date on news and new openings
  5. Messaging within professional network
  6. Create Blogs, Posts and Surveys and get rewarded for your contributions
  7. Participate in discussions and polls and get rewarded for your participation

LYNK Token

The “LYNK” token is an ERC-20 standard token built on the Ethereum platform. It is fractionally divisible, transferable and fungible. LYNK tokens will also be tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges in due course of time. “LYNK” tokens will be used for transfer of “value” for any services offered and availed of over the Lynked.World application platform.

LYNK Token Usage

“LYNK” tokens will be used as: – A medium of exchange of value for services rendered over the Lynked.World platform – A medium of incentivising participants in the Lynked.World platform for staking (holding) LYNK tokens

Token Sale Details

Lynked.World tokens (LYNK) are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum platform.

Token Symbol


Initial Token Supply


Start Date for Public Sale

November 15th, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)

End Date

February 10th, 2019 (11:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for Sale

150,000,000 LYNK

Hard Cap

25,000,000 USD

Token Exchange Rate

1 LYNK = 0.35 USD

Soft Cap

5,000,000 USD

Acceptable Currencies


Unsold Tokens

Any Unsold Tokens after the token sale (based on the hard cap of 25 million USD) will be moved to the Community Reward Pool

Additional Token Distribution

New LYNK tokens after the initial issue of 200,000,000 can only be generated from the reserves based on redemption of Lynk Boost Dollars into LYNK. Once the total number of LYNK tokens issued reaches 500,000,000 the company will initiate buyback programs to purchase LYNK tokens from open market to be able to continue the “Community Rewards System”.


Lynked.World App

Get Lynked!!!

Download our Mobile App and be a part of the Lynked.World ecosystem. Unleash the power of blockchain to

  • Create your own trusted and verifiable digital identity
  • Use your digital wallet for secure storage and authentication of data and documents
  • Share your identity and documents seamlessly with others using QR codes
  • Securely logon to other sites using your digital ID
  • Get Lynked: Share, Connect and take part in our referrals program


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