LYNKED WORLD- Solving Real Life Problems in the current Digital Era

Lynked.World is a multifunctional platform based on blockchain technology, created for the exchange of confidential information, personal data and documents. The purpose of the platform is to solve many problems related to personal data in many areas and in various industries. LYNKED will offers users a variety of services designed to provide complete control over the personal information of users. Lynked.World Project intends to use all the features of the blockchain technology to eliminate distrust from users and create the most secure and comfortable conditions for storing personal data.

The project has many levels of security to ensure complete confidentiality of personal data and documents. Also, the platform can be used as an intermediary for obtaining documents: passport, residence permit, certificates, and many other necessary documents, this will speed up the process of issuing the above documents, while the data will be protected.

The platform will allow users to create their own applications for all kinds of services while ensuring security at all levels. Due to the fact that data about a person on the platform will already be verified, this will help speed up the process of checking data. Lynked.World will have a digital wallet as its main feature. With this, you can safely keep your important documents, like Passport, License to Drive, Medical and school records, and all other kinds of documents you want to keep.

What problems does Lynked.World solve?

The platform is able to solve the following global problems :

-Lack of guaranteed safe and reliable identification of each individual and legal entity.

-There is no confidence in the accuracy of the data in different use cases. Inefficiency and increased costs due to intermediaries who participate in the processes.

-The inability to provide access to many types of services on digital platforms due to the insecurity of digital identification and related data.

Lynked.World Ecosystem

The ecosystem of this project represents a multifaceted solution, which consists of a whole application platform developed from scratch to be able to use the blockchain technology.

The main feature also lies in the fact that the platform was built on Ethereum technology and consists of various multifunctional modules. They solve real problems of trust and authenticity of digital identities.

How to Verify on Lynked.World using QR Code

Lynked.World digital wallet that allows you to store digital data and documents.

With the help of a customizable QR code, you can quickly transfer documents that prove your identity.

An application development platform helps develop applications on the platform and ensures the reliability and authenticity of authenticated data.

ICO and Token

Information The LYNK are the ERC20 token based on the Ethereum platform. All sales will be completed in 4 rounds and the base price will be US $ 0.35. It will interest you to know that the SOFT CAP has been reached!!

Token symbol: LYNK

Total number of token: 200.000.000

LYNK Number of tokens to sell: 150.000.000

LYNK Price: 1 LYNK = 0.35 USD

Soft cap: $ 5,000,000

Hard cap: $ 25,000,000

ICO starts on 15 November 2018 (9:00 GMT)

ICO end date: 10 February 2019 (11:00 GMT)

Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC Unique


Lynked.World project is perceived to be of high quality and in demand. That is why everyone should look at him. Specialists who are engaged in the development of really are experienced and will be able to accurately bring everything to the end. The platform also allows users to control their digital information and share it directly with companies, institutions, and enterprises, organizations.

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