M-fun is a reward platform for Blockchain based gamers

Today I will tell you about the Mfun project, which positions itself as the largest ecosystem for gamers in Southeast Asia – Mfun. Currently, the gaming industry is at the peak of popularity than ever before. For gamers there are opportunities not only to play for fun with friends, but also there is a way to make money. Since there are many intermediaries in the chain from the game creator to all users, the last payment continues to decline, which can not be fun. The economy becomes less efficient and unbalanced.


How it works from Mfun programs for users:

  • Play and appreciated
    The longer you play, the more your Mfun token will be rewarded. Gamers can now monetize the time spent on gaming. They can even choose whether to perform additional tasks to get rewards.
  • No personal data
    Unlike other reward systems that require you to submit personal information such as identification numbers, credit cards and bank account numbers, Mfun is built on blockchain technology and will only ask for your phone number for verification. This means there is no possibility of misuse of personal data.
  • No third-party
    Game developers and publishers can now cut out intermediaries to more effectively get new players. They can channel their current ad spend into gamers who reward directly with Mfun tokens. In this way, gamers are more motivated to play more or try a new game.In subsequent development the company creates a cryptocurrency that Mfun Tokens will be created to allow transactions in the Mfun Token Ecosystem. The token token is a compatible token ERC-20 distributed on the Ethereum blockchain based on the intelligent ERC-20 contract. Mfun is intended for use in the Mfun blockchain platform for conduct transactions in the Mfun Ecosystem.

Rewards or rewards are the provision of money, goods, services etc. done without any backward compensation as happens in trade, although it may be possible for the gift giver to expect a reciprocity or in the form of a good name or prestige or power. In human relationships, gift exchange acts play a role in improving social closeness. A reward or reward is a payment or reward often offered by a group as an incentive for the accomplishment of a task by someone who is not normally associated with the group, the most often issued reward for something that is embedded as a task and successful to work on. They are usually in the form of money or points if playing in game with this prize the definition can be withdrawn at any time by whoever issued them by the recipient of the gift or reward.

Features of the platform:

Given that the main contingent of players resides in southeast Asia, the platform will be aimed at attracting new users from this region. The largest percentage of players will be attracted from Indonesia, where, according to the most conservative estimates, the ecosystem participants will be up to 20 million users from this country. The Asian mobile games market is the fastest growing, and only in 2017 the annual turnover will be at least $ 2.2 billion.

The region is the most favorable for promotion of mobile games, about 650 million people actively use mobile versions of games. About 40% of all players fall on Indonesia.As a blocker, they will use their own algorithm. The use of blocking technology carries with it the transparency, openness, security and accessibility of control over all actions, while the general principle of decentralization of the platform remains. All internal operations will take place in the ecosystem, using MFUN tokens. can make in-game purchases using Mfun tokens. And the creators of games use them as reward to gamers for their time and for trying new games.

Mfun aims to be the largest ecosystem award in Southeast Asia starting with the game industry in Indonesia. According to Newzoo, Indonesia is the largest gaming market in Southeast Asia with 43.7 million gamers spending a total of US $ 880 million a year.It is also the fastest growing market for games in Southeast AsiaMfun is a blockchain gift platform designed to capture more value in the digital ecosystem and redistribute value to content providers and users.
Mfun wants to complete three major inefficiencies in the digital economy ie



We move on to the ICO of the project.

According to the company’s plans, the presale should start in August, and public sales in October, but so far there is no information on this. So watch the news in the official telegraph team and on the project website.

  • Name of the token :  MFUN
  • Standard token:  ERC20
  • Total will be issued: 800,000,000 tokens
  • But the sale will be put out: 344,000,000
  • Price: 1 token 0.10 USD
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD

More info:

WEBSITE: https://mfun.io/
ANNTREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3753013.0
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@mfunofficial
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/mfunofficial
TELEGRAM Official: https://t.me/mfun_official
TELEGRAM Bounty: https://t.me/mfun_bounty

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