Hi everyone, the digital age is getting serious attention from all over the world, especially for you music lovers and songwriters, everyone has some ideas to spend their time by listening to music, watching vidio, even watching your favorite artist with some streaming apps vidio that has been there for you to enjoy of course, technological progress is so advanced and you can feel the sensation in every progress, depending on how we do it.

If you look back a bit, at the beginning where this music is, Music has been around since the time when humans first came. The development of music is very rapid due to the many new discoveries, especially in the field of culture. This makes the history of music art should be divided into several epochs to make it easier to know the development of music art. The history of music art can be divided into six epochs. They are prehistoric, medieval, Baroque and Rokoko, classical, romantic, and modern times.

I will not be discussing that era, because the new era has come, all the changes beginning from the past, technology, art, culture, all can be integrated into the sound of music, although different tribes, languages ​​and nations, with music all the difference will nothing and become one becomes a work that can be heard by all circles.

The digital music revolution now comes with a variety of services, technologies and inofasi, but now comes a new platform called Maestro

Maestro is a blockchain-based digital music streaming platform where listeners and artists can enjoy all the music on this Maestro platform, raising the question of why this platform is using this blockchain technology that maestro will do, with the existing blockchain technology on the platform, Maestro is currently focused on  promoting creative endeavors of artists and assuring them with fair compensation.Maestro aims at creating a transparent industry through decentralization with blockchain technology. By abandoning the “middlemen” of the process, consumers will be able to use streaming services with much more reasonable pricing, the Maestro music platform has found some of the problems found in the music industry include; the unfair structure of the industry itself. Third parties, such as labels and agents, are currently reaping more than 80% of the profits generated, leaving artists with virtually no support and struggling with financial burdens. Music player companies only exacerbate this inequality through inefficient bureaucracy.

The Maestro platform consists of two parts:  “Symphony,” streaming service, and “Ensemble,” crowdfunding center.

Ensemble: Crowdfunding Center for Artists and Fans

Ensemble will provide artists with safe, transparent and direct fundraising methods for new or existing projects. The fans who contribute to the project, on the other hand, will be able to directly engage with the creative process of their favorite artist. Maestro believes that such an ecosystem will benefit both sides and open new frontiers for artist-audience relationships.

Symphony: Streaming Service for Creators and Consumers

Symphony will serve the world music industry with a fair and efficient distribution system. The creators, on the one hand, will be able to take the rightful share of the profits they deserve. Consumers, on the other hand, will enjoy the same streaming music service and seamlessly at a cheaper cost. Powered by the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) that will work on the EOS network, Symphony will deliver high quality music with just a touch of a finger.

Artists can raise funds for their projects before production through Ensemble. After completing the project, they can then distribute their creations and generate revenue through Symphony. Distribution and handling of rights, copyrights, and transactions are all done transparently through Symphony in accordance with data recorded in Maestro’s  blockchain. Maestro will be a new paradigm for the music industry.

Maestro will provide an enabling environment for the creation of unobstructed creatures and ecosystems that fairly equally share rights between artists and investors, and the benefits among all token holders. Maestro aims to revolutionize the bureaucratic media industry and work closely with existing parties to ultimately assist and maintain a greater diversity of artists.

The Maestro platform has several products in between

Maestro sees their predecessors who have used blockchain technology first

such as “Opus,” a Ethereum-based music service; “Resonate,” a service  that offers a unique profit allocation structure, and “Choon,” a platform that focuses on the   distribution of earnings. Most blockchain-based music platforms focus on obtaining copyright,  music gain allocation issues, and enhancing structural transparency. The Maestro team also agreed on these  three areas of improvement. However, Maestro has doubts as to whether an

approach that focuses on copyright or profit distribution can indeed revolutionize the music industry and build an environment that can be boldly moved by artists from existing labels.

Maestro is a comprehensive music platform that integrates investment, distribution, and profit realization. Moestro is a blockchain based platform that consists mainly of two parts:

crowdfunding services that handle attraction, investment, allocation, and account balancing for funding, and streaming services that handle music distribution. Maestro’s goal is to build a noble-cycle ecosystem where artists produce their projects to advanced funding, distribute results through streaming services, and share profits with investors. The whole process works entirely through smart contracts and decentralized systems, without any third party intervention. Technical details will be explained further in the next section.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for music

Decentralized streaming service without intermediaries, A fair payment structure based on actual consumption and lower cost than other streaming services is a streaming music streaming destination for consumers by  citing the white maestro.

Maestro distributes all the benefits generated from the platform among the token holders. Maestro is a good cycle platform where all the profits generated from music are returned to artists and investors. The goal of the Maestro blockchain is to gradually expand its functionality to ultimately decentralize the system and minimize the elements handled by the company. Maestro minimizes distributor benefits through decentralized services. Decentralized services will minimize the role of service distributors and operators, reducing unnecessary allocations and assistance in building the right ecosystem of music.

Token Information

Maestro Token (MAE) is the base currency of Maestro. This token is a payment method for

streaming service and will be listed on the exchange. All payment methods in the service will

using Maestro Tokens. The investment profits will also be distributed at Maestro Tokens.

Maestro team is running with the project, with 500 million KRW fund.

As a result, there are no clear boundaries, and the project will continue to run regardless of whether the team

reach the target number or not. After the 2nd ICO, there will be no additional token sales.

– Private Sale 18.06.16 7pm – 18.06.29 BONUS 30%  62.000.000 MAE

–  First ICO  18.06.30 7pm – 18.07.15 BONUS 10% 186,000,000 MAE

 Second ICO 18.07.16 7pm –  34,800,000 MAE


Team Information

Maestro has an experienced team to handle this platform, the following are teams from Maestro and his advisors.

Advisory Team

For detailed information on road map, sales and other information you can directly visit the official website of Maestro, thank you for visiting my blog, thank you.







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