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Music by definition is the pleasant sound, vocal or instrumental, that leads us to experience cheer, comfort and higher happiness. But, according to me, it is something extraordinary, chords and beats powerful enough to arise an unseen wave of emotions. It can be described as one of the most powerful human experiences.

About Maestro
Maestro is building a new decentralized ecosystem for the creators and audience of the music industry. By using the technology Blockchain can not be denied again will change the face of the digital music industry. So the future of music products developed with blockchain, unlike its predecessors, must use technology to provide innovative functions that revolutionize the music industry at its core. Still, however, existing blockchain music services focus solely on improving established streaming and distribution structures, and fail to address fundamental problems of the current industry.

Maestro is focusing on fast software development of a smooth service for the music platform. Maestro uses EOS.IO-based blockchain technology. We chose EOS.IO because of its high scalability using parallel CPUs, far superior speed, and free transactions based on DPOS. To maximize profits for artists and minimize burdens for consumers, Maestro uses an EOS.IO-based blockchain that does not require any individual transaction fees from users. The cost of the blockchain is charged to the developer using EOS.IO. There are no costs apart from the coins deposited to the developer. We use EOS.IO blockchain technology to increase the benefits of decentralization for all users.

Maestro utilizes EOS.IO-based blockchain innovation. We picked EOS.IO on account of its high versatility utilizing parallel CPUs, far predominant speed, and free exchanges in light of DPOS. To boost benefits for specialists and limit troubles for purchasers, Maestro utilizes an EOS.IO-based blockchain that does not require any individual exchange charges from clients. The cost of the blockchain is charged to the engineer utilizing EOS.IO. There are no costs separated from the coins saved to the engineer. We utilize EOS.IO blockchain innovation to build the advantages of ecentralization for all clients.

Maestro team believes that for both music and music industry to survive something must reform this unfair structure. That is what the blockchain is for. Data once written to the blockchain is there forever. The maestro team strives to exploit this characteristic of the blockchain and make a digital music application where users to enjoy legit music from their favorite artists at a cheaper cost than conventional music applications and simultaneously give the entire earning of the artist to the artist — thus eliminating all the intermediary services.

Mission and Goals

“To make a beneficial domain where craftsmen are effectively bolstered, a structure in which the privileges of imaginative works are reasonably dispensed, and a biological system where specialists and speculators can collaborate to share benefits'” Maestro will likely change the current brought together administration framework to a decentralized stage among clients with blockchain innovation. At last, we need to upset the music spilling industry with the goal that the benefits came back to craftsmen and financial specialists are all the more genuinely conveyed. Definitely, there will be impediments to actualizing new innovation in an effectively develop music industry. New innovation must blend with the present business’ structure and must be acknowledged by the entirety of its partners. Obstructions to passage are significantly higher because of the solid culture and longstanding traditions of the business. In this manner, Maestro’s group will center primarily around fragments where blockchain innovation can be practically actualized. It must accommodate with the current bureaucratic music industry to make quick movement.

Blockchain-Based ‘Music Streaming + Funding’ Platform

Maestro is a far reaching music stage that incorporates speculation, dispersion, and benefit acknowledgment. Maestro is a blockchain-based stage that is to a great extent included two sections: the crowdfunding administration that handles the fascination, venture, assignment, and adjusting of records for financing, and the spilling administration that handles the circulation of music.

Maestro Service ‘Obtaining Fee: 0%’

All benefits conveyed to token holders

Straightforward administration benefit structure

Specialists can set the distribution proportion

Crowdfunding System for Artists

Development of a creation cost financing condition for craftsmen

Grows speculation open doors for normal customers

Win-win answer for specialists and financial specialists

Reasonable Music Streaming Service for Consumers

Decentralized gushing administration with no brokers

A reasonable installment structure in view of genuine utilization

Lower costs contrasted with other gushing administrations

Maestro Token Sale

Token Name : Maestro Token
Token Symbol : MAE
Price : 1 ETH = 10,000 MAE
Tokens for sale : 620,000,000 MAE
*Unsold tokens will be burned.

Soft cap for ICO: None
Hard cap for ICO: 62,000 ETH

Private Sale
18.06.16 7pm – 18.06.29
62,000,000 MAE
1st ICO
18.06.30 7pm – 18.07.15
186,000,000 MAE
2nd ICO
18.07.16 7pm –
334,800,000 MAE


Music is a boon for humanity and given the current scenario of the industry, the money we pay for the music, hardy reaches the actual deserving party. There have been blockchain based music applications but hardly some have aimed their platform to tackle the actual problem of the music industry.





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