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Music by definition is the pleasant sound, vocal or instrumental, that leads us to experience cheer, comfort and higher happiness. But, according to me, it is something extraordinary, chords and beats powerful enough to arise an unseen wave of emotions. It can be described as one of the most powerful human experiences.
About Maestro

Maestro is building another decentralized biological system for the makers and gathering of people of the music business. By utilizing the innovation Blockchain can not be denied again will change the substance of the advanced music industry. So the eventual fate of music items created with blockchain, not at all like its antecedents, must utilize innovation to give imaginative capacities that upset the music business at its center. In any case, nonetheless, existing blockchain music administrations center exclusively around enhancing built up spilling and dissemination structures, and neglect to address major issues of the present business.

Maestro is concentrating on quick programming improvement of a smooth administration for the music stage. Maestro utilizes EOS.IO-based blockchain innovation. We picked EOS.IO on account of its high versatility utilizing parallel CPUs, far prevalent speed, and free exchanges in light of DPOS. To augment benefits for craftsmen and limit loads for buyers, Maestro utilizes an EOS.IO-based blockchain that does not require any individual exchange charges from clients. The cost of the blockchain is charged to the designer utilizing EOS.IO. There are no costs separated from the coins kept to the designer. We utilize EOS.IO blockchain innovation to build the advantages of decentralization for all clients.

Maestro uses EOS.IO-based blockchain development. We picked EOS.IO because of its high adaptability using parallel CPUs, far dominating velocity, and free trades in light of DPOS. To help benefits for experts and breaking point inconveniences for buyers, Maestro uses an EOS.IO-based blockchain that does not require any individual trade charges from customers. The cost of the blockchain is charged to the designer using EOS.IO. There are no costs isolated from the coins spared to the designer. We use EOS.IO blockchain advancement to fabricate the upsides of ecentralization for all customers.

Maestro group trusts that for both music and music industry to survive something must change this out of line structure. That is the thing that the blockchain is for. Information once written to the blockchain is there for eternity. The maestro group endeavors to misuse this normal for the blockchain and make a computerized music application where clients to appreciate genuine music from their most loved specialists at a less expensive cost than traditional music applications and at the same time give the whole acquiring of the craftsman to the craftsman – subsequently dispensing with all the go-between administrations.


Mission and Goals

“To make a gainful area where experts are viably supported, a structure in which the benefits of inventive works are sensibly apportioned, and an organic framework where masters and examiners can team up to share benefits'” Maestro will probably change the current united organization system to a decentralized stage among customers with blockchain development. Finally, we have to irritate the music spilling industry with the objective that the advantages returned to experts and money related pros are more truly passed on. Certainly, there will be hindrances to completing new advancement in a viably create music industry. New advancement must mix with the present business’ structure and should be recognized by the total of its accomplices. Blocks to section are essentially higher as a result of the strong culture and longstanding conventions of the business. In this way, Maestro’s gathering will revolve basically around parts where blockchain development can be for all intents and purposes completed. It must suit with the current bureaucratic music industry to make brisk development.

Blockchain-Based ‘Music Streaming + Funding’ Platform

Maestro is a broad music arrange that joins theory, scattering, and advantage affirmation. Maestro is a blockchain-based stage that is, as it were, incorporated two segments: the crowdfunding organization that handles the interest, wander, task, and modifying of records for financing, and the spilling organization that handles the course of music.

Maestro Service ‘Getting Fee: 0%’

All advantages passed on to token holders

Direct organization advantage structure

Experts can set the conveyance extent

Crowdfunding System for Artists

Advancement of a creation cost financing condition for skilled workers

Develops hypothesis open entryways for ordinary clients

Win-win respond in due order regarding authorities and money related masters

Sensible Music Streaming Service for Consumers

Decentralized spouting organization without any agents

A sensible portion structure in perspective of honest to goodness use

Lower costs appeared differently in relation to other spouting organizations

Maestro Token Sale

Token Name : Maestro Token
Token Symbol : MAE
Price : 1 ETH = 10,000 MAE
Tokens for sale : 620,000,000 MAE
*Unsold tokens will be burned.

Soft cap for ICO: None
Hard cap for ICO: 62,000 ETH

Private Sale
18.06.16 7pm – 18.06.29
62,000,000 MAE
1st ICO
18.06.30 7pm – 18.07.15
186,000,000 MAE
2nd ICO
18.07.16 7pm –
334,800,000 MAE


Music is a boon for humanity and given the current scenario of the industry, the money we pay for the music, hardy reaches the actual deserving party. There have been blockchain based music applications but hardly some have aimed their platform to tackle the actual problem of the music industry.

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