Robotics is the science of robots, a machine that can mimic certain human actions. There are robots that can automatically react to the condition of the environment. The term robot comes from the Czech vocabulary robota, which means “forced labor”. In general, robots do their job just like slaves do. They work for a long time and over and over again for a series of tasks. There are many different types of human movement.

Robots can be programmed to perform tasks that people find boring or uncomfortable. When the electronic circuit and all mechanisms are protected, the robot is also able to work in dangerous conditions. Robots can handle radioactive material, paint in smoke-filled rooms, work deep underwater, and explore less aggressive environments such as the Martian surface. Robots are also used to detect and defuse bombs and land mines.

Types of robots

Normally, robots in the industrial world are a kind of robot arm that has mechanical joints that allow it to move smoothly. This robot type can also change the length of the arm as needed. The power of the arm drive comes from a hydraulic or pneumatic system. The amount of movement in the direction of the robot arm is referred to as degree of freedom. Turn joints, move up and down, and move sideways to have three degrees of freedom.

At the end of the robot arm is a device called a tip effector, be it a gripping hand, a sprayer, a laser, a cutter and a metal welder or other device. The microprocessor unit gives instructions to the motor inside the robot arm to position the tip of the effector just above the target point, and now comes the platform that can be connected in the blockchain world of MAGNUS

What is MAGNUS?

Magnus was created to define the universe of robotics and AI automation for organizations. It is also the world’s first dual robot token and AI ICO, built on two platforms – Ethereum and NEO. Magnus is the network of intelligent AI agents, robots, sensors, hardware, and the first decentralized human to create a global market for knowledge, capabilities, and computational power.


Blockchain, which has become famous with Bitcoin, has proven this by combining peer-to-peer networks with cryptographic algorithms. By combining Blockchain with other systems such as robotic robotic systems or AI pools, groups can work together autonomously, flexibly, securely and smoothly. Bockchain technology shows that by combining a peer-to-peer network with a cryptographic algorithm, the agent group can reach agreement on specific circumstances and records. Due to its decentralized nature and key principles such as safety and fault tolerance, Blockchain technology is particularly useful in combination with Robotics Swarms, AI collectors and IOT hubs.

Robotics, AI and IOT market

$ 3 trillion (estimated, 2017)

Hard cap

30,000 ETH

Soft cap

1 000 ETH

Timed sales

February 5 – June 30, 2018

Currency accepted


Price (NEP-5 / MGSN / NEO)

1 NEO = 679 MGSN (Expected) / The value will be reset one day before the opening of the ICO to reflect the base rate for 1 MGSN = $ 0.078

Price (NEP-5 / MGSN / GAS)

1 GAS = 217 MGSN (Expected) / The value is reset one day before the opening of the ICO to reflect the base rate for 1 MGSN = $ 0.078

Price (ERC-20 / MGS / Ethereum)

1 ETH = 620 MGS (estimated) / The value is reset one day before the opening of the ICO to reflect the base rate 1 MGS = $ 0.66.

Token not sold

Will be burned

emission level

No new tokens will be created



For ICO (ERC-20 / MGS / Ethereum)


Supply (NEP-5 / MGSN / NEO)

1 000 000 000

Supply (ERC-20 / MGS / Ethereum)

118 200 000

Symbol (NEO)


Symbol (Ethereum)


Token role

Enables transactions between Robotics, IOT and AI. Magnus is a double blockchain token platform based on Ethereum and Neo. Two types of tokens print ERC-20 tokens and NEP-5 tokens.

road map


Arshad Hisham

Founder / CEO

Eric Egnet,

Executive advisors and investors

Mark Koops,

Executive advisors and investors

Michael Messel

ICO consultant

Rajeev Krishnan


Anant Patil


Further information:




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