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 Robotics every year is gaining increasing popularity in the whole world. Its influence and capabilities are hard to overestimate. However, in the development of robotics there is a huge number of problems. For example, modern technologies are often incapable of ensuring sustainable development, many companies can not raise funds and there are other similar difficulties. The innovative Magnus project is able to turn a general idea about robotics and will open completely different possibilities for investing for everyone.

What is Magnus

 So, Magnus is an innovative project, which is built on blocking technology. Its main task is to unite all the participants of this sphere into one chain, which will work on the technology of blocking, thereby ensuring high reliability and openness of information. In this chain, robotics will be assembled from around the world.

In simple words, it looks like this: Magnus project will be able to unite artificial intelligence in one chain, which will open new opportunities for development.

As a result, we get the following: all robots will be united among themselves, so their development will be accelerated, and most importantly, the developers will be able to exchange useful information between all the participants.

How it works

In fact, the platform works quite simply and this is its most important advantage. After all, at the moment nothing like this has been created, and the sphere of robotics requires tools for regulation.
The Magnus project is able to give them, opens completely different opportunities for everyone. Partners At the moment, the Magnus platform boasts several partners who are already actively cooperating with it:
  • Johnson & Johnson;
  • Pfizer, Boehringer;
  • AScension;
  • Siemens;
  • Nokia and others.

I will note! Magnus has already signed real agreements for work, so we can say with all certainty that the project will be one of the best in recent times.


  1. The name of the token is the Magnus token (MGS)
  2. The cost of the token is $ 0.66
  3.  The start date before the ICO starts is February 5, 2018.
  4.  The end date of the ICO is February 15, 2018.
  5. The ICO start date is February 15, 2018.
  6. The end date of the ICO is tbd.
  7. Softcap (Pre-ICO) – 1000 Eth
  8. Hardcap (Pre-ICO) – 6,000 Eth
  9.  Hardcap (ICO) – 30,000 Eth

 All unsold tokens will be burned after the end of the ICO.

ICO company

At the moment, the project Magnus conducts ICO, where the tokens of MGS will be sold. The cost of one token will be 0.66, after it has entered the stock exchange it should increase, but much depends on the market. To buy MGS tokens is reasonable only as a long-term investment.

Why buy a MGS token

The main advantage of the MGS token is that its capitalization will directly depend on investing in the whole area of ​​robotics. For example, if all the usual projects rely solely on personal capitalization, the situation here is reversed.
Accordingly, if robots are invested, the value of the token will constantly increase.

I will note! Capitalization in robotics will constantly increase, so the MGS token will always be in price. However, it should be understood that investing in robotics is considered a fairly long process, but very profitable.


Magnus is one of the best projects lately that will turn the world of robotics and open completely different possibilities. The project has a unique idea, and most importantly – it was supported by large corporations. H
and at the moment is raising funds for the development of the company, with which it successfully and copes. Now you can buy a Magnus token at a reduced cost, which attracts many investors from all over the world.
More information about this company can be found at the following links:

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