“It’s a combination of smart and sophisticated technology and fashion – an area dominated by an unattractive one and mostly unusable so far.”
On average, people spend 4 hours a day searching for a stimulus of viral content. MAKE ™ connects mass markets that are addicted to instant gratification and entertainment with media and advertising.
Like the dropbox for viral media  , MAKE ™ lets you access your favorite gifs, memes, stickers, videos and more on social media or messaging apps and new technology platforms.
MAKE ™ will supply users from existing social media platforms by providing them
with a better user experience, award recognition and instant access to viral media.

“Content Is King. Content is where I expect a lot of real money to be made on the Internet, just like in broadcasting. “

distribution token
MAKE is a high-quality media platform created by users who distribute their work across the network. IS is created based on blockchain technology, and uses a smart-contract, which in turn ensures full transparency and security of operations performed on the platform.
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With MAC help, users will be able to store and distribute media they like in any app. But this is not the limit of the platform. So, with platform development, participants will have the opportunity to conclude agreements with various brands relating to advertising. Thus, each user will be able to benefit in the form of tokens issued by the MAKE platform.
The MAKE project aims to create new content, where the use of social networks will be much easier and without wasting time looking at advertisements, which users receive no rewards.
Project roadmap
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 One of the fastest growing markets is the sale of files on the network. Thanks to the integration of blockchain technology in every sphere of community activity, the process of selling digital assets has become much safer than previous market business models.
 Today, the digital asset market is one of the most profitable. Thus, the daily cost of the files under consideration is billions of dollars.
To implement the plan, the project team launched 2.5 billion tokens. The money will be used to create innovative tools that enable MAKE to be a strong and competitive company.
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Project team
Specialists from various industries are working on project development. For example, the Director-General and founder of this project is a graduate of Northeastern University – Nick Johnson. Nick managed to gather good specialists from all over the world and bring them together into a strong team.
Partner company MAKE
It is not right to ignore COOPERATION. Thanks to its diverse ideas, the platform can enter into partnership agreements with any company, providing advertising services to them.
For example, ShiftWear, the company that unveils clothing brands with truly innovative technology, will be based on the MAKE platform to launch its products online.
The project idea is truly unique, drawing great attention from investors. The “virus” network has absorbed most of the daily time, so why not optimize this process? The MAKE project is the solution to many of the problems that exist today.
 About ICO
Private-Sale: September 1 – October 30, 2018
 Pre-Sales: November 1 – January 20, 2018
 Sales-Public: January 21 – February 28, 2019
 Price: 1 MAKE = 0.01 USD
We accept ETH, BTC, Fiat and some major cryptocurrency on our platform.
 Soft cap: 2M USD
Hard cap: 25 million USD
Supply The maximum token circulation during the first 6 months will be 2.5 Billion.
Token not sold:
50% Airdropped. 50% burned.
Minimum contribution: $ 100
Token Lockup:
Token given to the team for 6 months.
Token Delivery:
All tokens are distributed via smart contract immediately after the token sale.
All necessary KYC / AML information must be provided by the buyer.
Sales Duration Public Token: 3 months
Link to project information source:
AUTHOR: Phatpharm20 
My Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=2038562

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