Facite Hello to all crypto enthusiasts! We continue to look for interesting and promising projects. Today I propose to get acquainted with the project “FACITE”

about the project
Facite’s main goal is to promote and develop the economic and financial environment in Kazakhstan using blockchain technology. The solar power plant is the main goal of a sustainable and attractive investment project, evaluated in such a way as to achieve an improvement in social and economic life in general, because the benefits will be multiple with social benefits. -economic perspective, seeking technological innovation and looking for a completely sustainable way to do this, in addition to spreading t he area completely unexplored in terms of all of the solar energy is in this scenario, it may be better to be apart of sales facite technology for more information visit the website and read the white paper for more detailed technical information
FACITE with a blockchain business model, the blockchain in Kazakhstan will contribute to the development of the renewable energy business of the Kazakhstan government, since since Khan 21 has entered the solar energy sector, with the purchase of a commercial license and will be selected as an investment company, Talgar city with him, the solar power station and the project area of ​​the hydroelectric power station, with the first gate of the passage of Korea to Kazakhstan for the final report of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, we can conclude About FACITE is in a position where the leaders are fully accepting this new market of opportunities and their solutions, with a transport card license obtained from INNOB CO., LLC, the introduction and operation of public transport, it is planned to introduce the payment system U, the data center Ideal environment, low-cost electricity datacenter d and electrical equipment supported by the city is available for about 2 million mining machines, a lease agreement of 49 years, in search of the best in the mining market with sustainable energy abudante FACITE has one step ahead, but in front of all because with the few innovations that will be used also guarantee a sustainable return
In the mining industry, which will take place in this new location, a number of types of equipment will be used, the most important of which are special mining machines with types S9 14TH / S, D3 17GH / S and S15-27 TH / S. These mining machines have The advantage is that they are easy to assemble. The installation of this machine instrument can be easily incorporated as the main mining tool in the tool kit compared to other types of mining machines. The time required to assemble this instrument even 3 times faster and trial operation can also be done more quickly. In addition, this machine also has a high resistance in a variety of extremely environmental conditions, as during the seasons of snow and rain. The impact of each season has less impact on this mining machine. By constructing the infrastructure in the form of an external wall from a container, this will prevent various environmental influences from damaging the engine both inside and outside. Air climate is also an important factor for the continuity of this machine later. The machine can work well in normal air climates. Air coming from the outside of the instrument will be circulated through the container in order to control the decrease in temperature. The next advantage is that the machine is portable. Machine containers can be moved easily in order to support more efficient positioning of the instruments.

Private sale: 1 FIT = 5 won + 30% bonus

Bonus amount lock

(After reaching 10% after the public listing, 10% of the blocking up will be gradually lifted)

IEO: 1 FIT = 5 won

Token Name: FACITE

Symbol: FIT

Token: ERC-20


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