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HONEST MINING – an organization with a basic mission: the making of dependable and simple crypto-mining, open to everybody. We make cryptographic money mining a lot less demanding and increasingly available for anybody keen on turning into an excavator. You can turn out to be a piece of the network through a basic procedure and begin gaining an ace class remunerates from the earliest starting point. We trust that genuineness is accomplished through straightforwardness. Honest token (HNST) is the claim cash of the HONEST MINING stage, which will be utilized for all exchanges. With HNST you will have the capacity to join the workshop, get an exceptional rebate and other/use.

We make digital money mining a lot less demanding and progressively open for anybody keen on turning into a mineworker. You can turn out to be a piece of the network through a straightforward procedure and begin procuring an ace class compensates from the earliest starting point. We trust that genuineness is accomplished through straightforwardness. This organization, headquartered in Singapore, has been working in Indonesia for no less than a year. As per the arrangement, Honest Mining itself will hold a delicate dispatch in January 2019. The principal mining on the Honest Mining stage in Indonesia will rise to the top to discuss mining and how Honest Mining attempts to help individuals all the more effortlessly comprehend the mining procedure. The Honest Mining group comprises of experienced digital money players and blockchains who trust in decentralization.

Simple Step of Honest Mining:

Store Coins

Tap the “Affirm” catch to store your crypto coins.

Pick a place

Select the quantity of seats you intend to have.

Gain rewards

Watch as your lord hub gets a reward, and you choose whether to pull back or reinvest.

Select the masternode

Set up your crypto wallet and select the ace hub in which you might want to contribute.


The point of HONEST MINING is to make a solid and straightforward crypto-mining machine available to everybody. Honest mining will accomplish this by considering the present moment and long haul mining impacts. Not long after the dispatch of the honest stage, which denotes the beginning of honest mining, is the up and coming age of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) – based Cryptocurrency Mining Cloud. This stage is a profoundly robotized and secure pool with negligible expenses. Mineworkers can get their costs dependent on the circulation of the Masternoid cost without losing their security. Honest token (HNST) is utilized for business stages.

There are dangers related with the honest mining stage

New Technology

Honest mining Platforms and tokens, alongside all highlights, particulars, use cases, and different focuses noted in this white paper, are new, untested advances that may not be finished, actualized, or embraced as per the improvement technique contained in this white paper. While HONEST OIL will attempt sensible endeavors to finish the stage, outside the ability to control of honest oil there might be conditions that may cause delays, limit the quantity of discharges or, in the most pessimistic scenario, may not give a working stage. Regardless of whether the Platform is finished, executed, and acquired, it may not fill in as planned, and all tokens related with the Platform might not have the usefulness they want. reasonable for the reason or important. The innovation is changing quick and the stages and/or tokens related with it might be obsolete. In spite of the fact that the verification of stake is picking up in prevalence and acknowledgment, numerous things can change and new accord components can supplant the confirmation of stake, or agreement systems may never again be required.


HNST TOKENS convention depends on the Ethereum convention. Harm, spreading, harm or disregard of the Ethereum Protocol or Network may antagonistically influence the HNST TOKENS Platform or the HONEST WARRANTY Platform. The achievement of HONEST MINING stage activities relies upon the fruitful task of different digital money token systems that are in question or of esteem. Any harm, expanding, interruption, or oversight of the appropriate cryptographic money convention or system, (for example, the Proof of Stake convention that does not fill in not surprisingly) may antagonistically influence the HONEST MINING stage and cause the loss of Lead token. in question or appraised.

Mining assaults

Decentralized cryptographic systems convey the danger of mining assaults, for example, “51% assaults,” different issue assaults, childish mining practices, racial animosity, and different endeavors by mineworkers or other system members, convention or system diversions control or play. Any effective assault represents a hazard to the normal methodical activity, execution and sequencing of the token exchange and figuring of the agreement from the TESTED MINING token and the stage. At the point when such a risky activity happens, the loss of the token is conceivable.

Programming Errors

Current (or expected) source code is utilized; entomb alia, for systems and ethereum and token conventions, just as for the HONEST MINING stage, based, in entire or to a limited extent, on open source code. For such open source code, there is a more serious danger of being misused by assailants who are searching for adventures in the code and searching for endeavors. Such open source code may likewise be refreshed every once in a while, which may prompt new and sudden adventures. Outsiders or individuals from the HONEST MINING group may likewise deliberately or unexpectedly bring vulnerabilities into the code base or center foundation of the HONEST GUARANTEE Platform, which may unfavorably influence the mining target stage.

Token info

Honest mining HNST ICO token

parameter details of

ICO token symbol: HNST

sales Token: Now – TBA

token price: 1/7500 ETH

total supply: 400 million

soft cover: 5000 ETH

Hard-cover: 20,000 ETH


Our team works nonstop to ensure achievement of every milestone.



Concept Generation

Crypto Mining Research

2018 Q1 -Q2

Token design

Development of White Paper

Law & Merger

Seed Funding Raised

2018 Q3

Product design

Platform Design and Technical Meeting

MVP Development & Validation

2018 Q4

Initial Token Sales

Personal Token Placement

System Testing & Integration

2019 Q1

Platform Launch

Internal Acceptance Testing

Token distribution

Launch Alpha & Beta

2019 Q2


Exit Beta

Constant Increase for Platform Stability

2019 Q3

New Market Development

List of New Coins

Community Voting

2019 Q4

Platform enrichment

Starting the Alexandria Project

Starting the Babel Project

2020 & Beyond

Global Growth

Scaling service

Grow market share

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