Marginless — blockchain bookmakers, for which the future.

What Is Marginless?

Marginless is revolutionizing the betting industry. Bet against anyone, anywhere and at any time, using our unique Unique Face Betting interface. Create your own betting market, unique, and at the same time earn a low 1% industry commission

After an arduous investigation about this new blockchain project I come to tell you a summary of what this MarginLess platform means for the betting world. It is considered a face-to-face betting field where the rules will be set according to an intelligent contract so the agreements are established in advance, and the rules are known by the participants before participating in these bets. It is practically a field where you can challenge a friend, or a group of anonymous people about who is right on a certain topic, most of the time they will be lent for sports bets where parameters can be set as who will win the game and if it remains in tie that would happen.


One of the problems that bosses always face is an unfair opportunity. This is the reason why bidders are struggling to make a profit. Fear of losing the bandar on a regular basis until the rules are subject to extra taxes by the government forcing the sports bounty to fill up to 8.5% margin on all bundled bet. In addition, the city that managed to beat this unjust margin is also taxed by the government.
Marginless that operates as a betting operator that does not require high risk management, allows bettors to earn a 1% industry-wide bet that will cost only those who win. For example Team X against Team Y, Pet A puts a 100 MRS bet for Team X victory on odds 2.0 being matched with a B subsurer who bet 100 MRS for Team Y on odds 2.0. Later, whichever team wins, the winning bets will earn 198 MRS in return.


The next problem facing regular bidders is the limits for winners. Some companies sometimes do not let one of the guys keep winning. Although, some companies claim that the winners will be welcomed there, the reality is actually the opposite.
Marginless has never had a problem like this. In Marginles all the winners will be welcomed. Winners will be allowed to share their strategies and insights that benefit other users. In Marginless every winner will get a monthly jackpot lottery ticket because it is not only active, but can achieve different bets, such as win streaks.


The bets can also lose the victory that is already in front of the eye, it is due to the lack of transparency. Just because of a mistake in spelling, odds errors or for various other reasons, nothing can be done to get back on your winnings.
Marginless ensures betting transparency so you do not have to worry about the bettor who pays your winnings. Marginless offers the user a choice to bet or not and also celebrates right after the events at stake end.
Marginless will not make you wait, after the bet is placed and accepted by our moderator staff, your opponent’s bet will be held by the contract until the event is over. After that, all information related to the bet will be automatically extracted from an independent source. And once everything is confirmed, the win will be sent to the winner’s wallet.


The fact that a third party to transfer funds from your account to a bank in a regular sportsbook tends to take a long time to pay. Even if you win the bet, there is no guarantee that the bet will reach your bank within a few days. So you still have to wait for the money into your new savings book can be used. In addition, the limitation of withdrawal in one day becomes a related issue.
Marginless driven by the MRS Utility Token platform means that the Fiat currency will not be used in the whole betting process. Use Tokens and AltCoins offer security, completeness and speed as a reward. Marginless Token allows you as a winner to quickly confirm your account payments and will be processed within minutes. Marginless Purse allows you to save assets up to 30 different AltCoins, allowing you to deposit or withdraw AltCoins.


Regular betting has a very long and strict KYC procedure. Especially if they ask for it when you will attract the victory that has been obtained. In many cases, betting allows the user to save money without any restrictions or KYC procedures, but you will have to complete all the procedures before withdrawing money from your account. It takes a long process for months to collect the necessary documents to get acc, while the winning result is still stuck in the betting wallet. Not to mention personal data that has been sent at risk of cyber attacks to data leakage.
Marginless working with Altcoins provides a friendly and easy KYC procedure. We offer simple registration and will not retain any user’s personal information. It is also not subject to regulatory oversight.

Marginless Solutions

  • Face to Face Betting
  • Best ODDS
  • Become a BOOKIE
  • Privacy
  • Social Network
  • Esports Friendly

The main difference between Marginless and other betting platforms

There are several Marginless advantages over regular betting platforms.

  • First of all is the first betting exchange powered by blockchain.
  • Secondly, using our platform absolutely ANYONE can become a bookmaker and create their own markets that people can wager in. Please check our whitepaper for more detailed comparison with different betting platforms,

Token And Token Sale Information


1.2015 May – MVP IDEA
Idea of a social betting network, where bettorscan share their insights, track their stats andearn money for doing so was born.

2.2016 January – TipstersHub Beta launch
TipstersHub Beta launched in January 2016 and quickly became the most popular betting social platform in Baltic countries.

3.2016 July – Marginless idea
After working with hundreds of bettors, our team has made a list of main issues they face every day and possible solutions. Preparations for project launch began.

4.2017 February – First Seed Injections (150K $)
Received first seed injections from various Angel Investors and team members .

5.2018 April 11 – Public sale start
First public ICO round that will be available to everyone with bonuses for early contributors.

6.2018 April 10 – Pre-ICO
A 24 hour round that will offer a bigger bonuses to those who have made a reservation prior to this round (-29%).

7.2017 November – Team and endorsers expansion
Several new team members and endorsers joined team Marginless.

8.2017 May – Start of our negotiationswith different development partners
Negotiations with international companies with previous experience in this market began.

9.2018 Early Q2 – Launch of Marginless eSports
Marginless eSports teams and brand reveal.

10.2018 Late Q2 – Betting exchange alpha
Alpha version of blockchainbased betting exchange.

11.2018 June 1 – Luxury car giveaway
Winner of BMW X6 will be drawn and announced.

12.2018 Early Q3 – Social betting network
Share your insights, follow your stats and increase your winnings by using oursocial betting network.

13.2019 Q2 – Become a bookmaker
This function will allow user, holding set amount of MRS Tokens, to open personal betting page within Marginless system where he will be able to accept bets from other bettors.

14.2018 Late Q4 – Full Marginless network launch
Official launch of platform that will change betting forever.

15.2018 Q4 – iOS/Android application
Access all main Marginless functions through your mobile phone.

16.2018 Late Q3 – Face to Face betting
Bet directly against yourfriends or fellow bettors.



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