Match Billion – Transparent Jackpot!

Betting has come a long way over the past years. This promotion is partly due to the rapid development of the technology, as well as its use in the game and events. MatchBillion is a Jackpot platform that seeks to revolutionize betting using Blockchain technology.


What does the MatchBillion do?

This is a betting platform, which aims to bring a new twist to the concept of betting industry. Punters on the platform will be able to make bets in the game and events during the jackpot at the same time. MatchBillion gives you the opportunity to bet on a wider range of functions than regular bets, including in different games and events mostly JACKPOT. This is due to the fact that regular bets mainly relate to the outcome of the game, and it has various prizes that accompany the results. MatchBillion uses actual PowerBall ( or Mega Millions or Euro Millions, depending upon the game ) drawings to determine jackpot winners.The line of digits in jackpot is sure to make you dizzy! All you need to do is to guess a few numbers and if there is a match, the prize is yours. Register your account with us.

What Makes MatchBillion Unique?

It has bets with almost instant outcomes, Gamification, It’s dynamic and involving, Users don’t need to think about the odds.

Betting on MatchBillion is a unique platform that combines sports betting in highly profitable games with live match dynamics. Modern technology and the latest advances in the field of AI allow us to recreate soccer, event matches in the form of charts that move up or down depending on the current field situation. While regular bets (as well as versions in the game) revolve around match results, we offer the opportunity to place bets literally on everything that happens during a live match by making a split second decision. MatchBillion is a concept, the main purpose of which is the possibility for fans and users to bet on the game, predict the development of events and make schedules for the future, while tracking the unfolding matches in real time. And the result of good bets is, accordingly, the actual profit, which arouses more interest in jackpot fans to this platform.

Project Team View

Using wide experience in financial stakes, the project team concluded that sport is exactly the niche that can attract more users to the platform, thereby keeping their attention and heating interest through the emergence of new motivational lovers. This is a betting phase that gives you a decentralized gaming highlight, allowing you to play independently or in meetings. You can test your capacity and fight with your companions. We will give an element where you can gamble and the final product of famous encounters with your companions. We will make the deployment space on the internet more inventive and intuitive. By becoming a member of these highlights, we can stimulate rivalry between players, test their skills and learn from others. We are not just a general deployment phase, we are better and more creative. In order to maximize the coverage of users, the team decided to enter both the bookmaker and peer-to-peer game bets. The developers also claim that at the moment, the MatchBillion platform is at the optimal point of entry to the market due to the heightened interest in betting from event fans around the world.

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How to play game on MatchBillion ?

You need 2 MBL tokens per play, Select five numbers from 1 to 69 for the white balls; then select one number from 1 to 26 for the red ball, Choose your numbers on the screen or let the website randomly pick your numbers, You get a blockchain proof of your ticket, Jackpots start at 40 million and grow from there, Players win a prize by matching one of the 9 Ways to Win.

This is a dynamic and fun experience that can bear significant profits. Essentially, we’re creating a better gamified version. MatchBillion is a new concept of Jackpot betting, where the players can make in-play bets and follow the match at the same time. MatchBillion is a betting platform that seeks to make a revolution in betting using Blockchain. Every match is represented by a live chart, and the betting process is very similar to financial trading.

Features of betting in MatchBillion

Bets are fairly simple to place and can be made with one finger. All the user has to do is select the direction, size and time frame for placing the bet.

The system gives payouts to players during a match, there is no need to wait for the end of the match. There are fixed odds against a bookmaker in singleplayer mode, while odds are more dynamic with a pool system in multiplayer mode.

Bid on the Accuracy
Accuracy of the system is precisely related to modern technology and fine-tuning mechanisms that track the process of the game, such as tracking of balls and players, events, Jackpot as well as statistics of teams and players that help to present the match in detail

Why does MatchBillion Need Blockchain

Transparency and fairness
All graphic points are increasingly stored on the blockchain, available for public review, which eliminates fraud.

Bet tracking
You can see all bets that have been made without disclosure of bettor’s personal information.

Smart Contract
Support game logic and standard payment calculations in Multiplayer, fully protect intermediary-free transactions

Where Does The Concept Of MatchBillion Come From?

This comes from team own experience in reality. The team has extensive experience in financial betting, and has spent years developing products and financial games as well as the psychology of traders and has the invisible compared to research bulls. Betting has become very popular and accessible to professionals. But for some players, especially younger players, these are extremely complicated and boring. That’s why we go further by turning bets into a fun game in which you can earn some money (MatchBillion Token).

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How will the examiners benefit from the benefits?

Given that the game takes place in real time, the values ​​of these graphs are carefully monitored by using various tracking devices, which allows you to update the situation unfolding using curve indicators. The use of AI technologies will allow the platform to fully automate the processing and calculation of data, according to the results of the match. At the same time, analysts will monitor the development of the game.


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