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What about Match Billion

Match Billion started as an online system used by few close friends who were fascinated by the billions being distributed by Powerball. Many of us could not afford to purchase even a single ticket as they are expensive plus there are major logistics involved. We all wanted to participate and have fun, so we built ourselves a similar system to that of real USA Powerball. The experience was quite entertaining but we are still waiting for one of us to get the bragging rights about winning the Jackpot + 2 BTC.

In late January 2019, one post by a teenager caught the attention of one of our buddies. There was no better way to play in a transparent manner and that’s how Match Billion was reborn with crypto in mind. We pitched the idea to satooshifan2k199 and he loved it. We were lucky to be included in the free MBL from him like some others. Now we are on a journey to share the fun with the rest of the world.

How does Matchbillion works?

Only holders of MBL token can participate. As a fan site, we do not draw any winning numbers. We trust the transparency of the official Powerball site and accept drawn numbers at that site for our jackpot and smaller awards.

You can independently verify the result outcome at the official Powerball site. If blockchain proof of your ticket matches with the numbers drawn, you are a winner thus giving you bragging rights at .

Blockchain makes it simple! Transparency cannot be better.

Match 5 Awards

If your five white digit selection matches exactly then you are our next millionaire! Match all 5 white numbers, you are guaranteed to win 1 million MBL + 10 Ethereum. There are ten Match 5 awards with 100 Ethereum (10X10 ETH) available for distribution.

Match Billion Jackpot

Match 5 + red Powerball will hit the Jackpot. Track winning numbers at

Award: Jackpot MBL + 2 BTC

How to play?

You need 2 MBL tokens per play.

Select five numbers from 1 to 69 for the white balls; then select one number from 1 to 26 for the red ball.

Choose your numbers on the screen or let the website randomly pick your numbers. You get a blockchain proof of your ticket.

Jackpots start at 40 million and grow from there!

Players win a prize by matching one of the 9 Ways to Win.

Power Play

Add Power Play with your game!

For an additional 1 MBL token per play, the Power Play feature can multiply non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times!

The multiplier number is randomly selected just before each drawing at As a fan site, we do not draw any winning numbers.

The 10X multiplier is only in play when the advertised jackpot is 150 million MBL tokens or less.

The Match 5 prize with Power Play is always 2 million MBL tokens.


When I saw the roadmap from Match Billion , I was a little surprised because they kept giving me big jackpot bonuses for members who wanted to join. The jackpot is given and all participants and players can get various events. what is interesting is the provision of jackpots not only for BTC or ETH, but they also provide jackpots in the form of MDL tokens.

Feb,2019: “Match Powerball” live

Mar,2019: “Match Mega Millions” live

Apr,2019: “Match EuroMillions” live

Business Development and Marketing

Aug,2019: Jackpot MBL + 3 BTC

Feb,2020: Jackpot MBL + 10 BTC

Aug,2020: Jackpot MBL + 50 BTC

Feb,2021: Jackpot MBL + 100 BTC

Feb,2022: Jackpot MBL + 1,000 BTC

Feb,2023: Jackpot MBL + 2,000 BTC

Feb,2024: Jackpot MBL + 5,000 BTC

Feb,2025: Jackpot MBL + 10,000 BTC


There are a number of events that the Match Billion team will carry out  in the near future to the long term that can be seen on the roadmap, if interested, try to follow it. All of them gave gifts to winners and lucky loyal members. there is nothing wrong with you trying, who knows this time you will be our millionaire. Bounty Campaign

Match Billion AIRDROP

FREE Give Away to Win 2 BTC and 100 ETH


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