MATRIX: The Blockchain Combined With the Artificial Intelligence


Cryptocurrency arrived to free us from the centralised system of banks and payment services. Since then it has received widespread publicity and acceptance in the business, and society. People have become comfortable with the idea of decentralised nature of the system. Bitcoin has surprised the world with its unique capabilities in a short span of time. The blockchain technology is being experimented by traditional banks to optimize their system of working.

But, quite a few things stop Bitcoin from becoming a mass adoptable currency. No wonder we see a plethora of altcoins being launched daily to compensate the drawbacks of the bitcoin. The slow transaction speed is one of the major drawbacks, which inspired many to create new coins to speed up the transactions. The smart contract is new technology, and its programming capability makes it a little difficult for everyone to try their hands on. While security is a top concern for any kind of transaction, in the case of Bitcoin it is most important but cyber-attacks and stolen coins create discouraging behaviour among the public.


MATRIX noted all the problems of the blockchain technology and has decided to launch a new cryptocurrency based on the combined power of artificial intelligence and Blockchain capability. The artificial intelligence is the future of technology, which is shaping the entire work process of the current businesses. It will provide faster transactions on the network coupled with excellent security, and flexibility. A few of the top capabilities of the platforms are mentioned below.

  • Secure Smart contract management system with auto-generation capability
  • Flexible blockchain management with high-speed transactions
  • Distributed random clustering based consensus algorithm to reduce latency
  • Deep learning based code generation for smart contracts
  • AI enabled security validation and management
  • AI-based smart contract verification on the platform
  • Multi chain architecture with proof of work

The entire value chain of the cryptocurrency has been based on the solid foundation of the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. We are yet to see the action but it has the unique approach.

ICO Information &Team

The Token Presale starts on the 1st June 2018. The MAN token is ERC-20 standard. The funds collected will be utilised in the research and development of the MATRIX platform.

The detailed layout of the fund allocation is mentioned on their website. The team consists of the finest AI minds in the world. They are experts in the field of Network, hardware, artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology.


The Artificial Intelligence is the technology of future, which has already found many innovative applications in the other industry. Combining the Blockchain capability with the Artificial Intelligence, they are bringing something new to the cryptocurrency market.

Their target is 1 million transactions per second compared to the today’s 1000 transactions per second. We are bound to see a better and stable currency, which is secured. I think their USP lies in the fact that they have tried to accelerate the current technology with something they are good at. We hope to see this integration of different technologies brings out the best product possible.




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