The blockchain technology keeps bubbling with numerous ideology and mind blowing concept. We have seen different projects with its own idea and strategy, pattern and solutions proposed to solve. A lot have conquered while some vanish from the sphere without any trace. Irrespective of these menaces, the urge for full adoption of cryptocurrency has propelled developers to work even harder and stronger either as individuals or in teams. Nevertheless, this anxiety keeps pushing and birthing new and great ideas which has led to the establishment of deflationary token.

Deflationary tokens are backed with the concept of price control, liquidity and uniqueness of volume of a particular token. This development is to trash out the pump and dump pattern often used by many developers which in return cause huge lose for investors and workers as well.
Deflationary tokens are created in order to reduce inflation by burning of certain percentage because scarcity brings value.

Maxum is a deflationary token that is deployed on smart contract which enables it to reduce the total supply by establishing percentage or rate at which the tokens are burnt or eradicated.

1) Burning causes scarcity which in return boost price
2) Burning adds value to the platform
3) Burning aids to increase the quality and volume of the token on exchanges.
4) Burning stops panic sell causing the pump and dump stractegy to seize.

Maxum is a token with total supply of 200,000,000,000 which will be reduced as a result of burning.
For every transaction that occurs 2% of the token will be burnt. The unique feature is that as the supply reduces, the higher the percentage of burning. That is if the circulating supply is 180,000,000,000 the percentage to be burnt is 4% and if it reduces to 160,000,000,000 the percentage available for burning is 6%.


• DECENTRALIZED: The token are decentralized meaning it is controlled by the adopter or owner. They can choose to do anything with it at anytime so far its in their possession

• SMART CONTRACT: This enable the burning and keeps the platform stable and protected from external forces who might try to manipulate figures and change the normal ideology of the token.

•ANTI INFLATIONARY: This pattern is deployed to have a static and constant growth structures of the token. It implies that as tokens are been burnt which causes a reduction in supply, the amount of tokens available will reduce and in return cause an increase in price.

Maxum has proven to be fully decentralized by giving full power to the adopters via airdrop as 95% of the tokens would be airdropped and 2% goes to the team and developers and 3% goes to marketing.

Conclusively, deflationary tokens are created in order to bring stability in price and volume. They also aid in reducing the pump and dump stractegy which has led to increase in scamming and other barbaric acts.
Maxum is the first ever deflationary token which will reduce inflation and bring price stability.

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