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hello viewers, ico investors and esteemed customers, i am Alali, Rapheal by name, i have been a bounty hunter for long now but this project is a life changing one and in hereby recommend MB8 to you, due to its technological embodiment that it unique from any other form of project, get the clue as you read through the following paragraphs below;

This progress will likewise take into account the stage to be incredibly upgraded and extended for the advantage all things considered. . MB8 Coin will be the main digital currency to be discharged with demonstrated certifiable utilization and will be acknowledged as part or the majority of the installments inside the current system of sellers and retailers. MB8 Coin is set to end up the foundation of a blessing system that has been named white by more than 2,100 organizations After the dispatch, our current Euro credit Plus prizes stage will near new clients and be swapped for our digital currency called MB8 Coin. MB8 Coin will be utilized as the ‘fuel’ for the current Multibuy unwaveringness rewards organize. MB8 Coin will be the primary ever digital money that is discharged with a demonstrated genuine utilize and will be acknowledged as part or entire installment inside the current system of merchants and retailers. Multibuy has been running their traditional steadfastness rewards system since 2005. While significantly productive to date, a traditional prizes system can show costly to run and manage especially when scaling the augmentation to an overall market.


By supplanting customarily “shut framework grant models” we plan to venture into numerous new markets, utilizing this energizing space development. This change will likewise enable the stage to be additionally improved and extended for the advantage everything being equal. After dispatch, the Euro Plus credit reward stage will approach new clients and be traded for cryptographic money called MB8 Coin.


This will enable us to streamline the scaling procedure and save money on running expenses. After more profound examination and meeting, the extra advantages of changing to a cryptographic money based reward token are:

• Through investment in anchoring the system, you can be remunerated 5% yearly development, as extra tokens.

• MB8 tokens are conveyed through an ICO to the general population, new and existing business accomplices.

• Inability to deceitfully issue or make extra MB8 rewards tokens.

• Borderless and quick exchanges, impeccably suited to the advanced worldwide market.

• The usage of the MB8 token through shared gifting and exchanging on crypto trades will permit genuine value revelation to happen.

• Attract new clients to use the prizes stage, and also bringing numerous new merchants, organizations and occasion areas to the prizes arrange.


Multibuy propelled its first versatile application toward the finish of 2017 and plans to acquaint better than ever includes with enable clients to find and collaborate with business accomplices tolerating MB8 Coin. Connected to your prepaid plastic, the application additionally bends over as a facilitated MB8 Coin Wallet which you can use to send and get your coins with retailers, people or crypto trades. below is the App;

Coin Details
Name: MB8 Coin
Ticker: MB8
Algorithm: X13
Type: Proof of Stake (POS)
Class: Utility Token
Segwit Read
Main Distribution via ICO
All unsold coins will be burnt.

After the sales of token, a percentage of the token will therefore be distributed to all category of persons who contributed favorably towards the development of the MB8 project, below is the distribution formula;

Below is a league of professionals who were able to give away there time, money and resources in bringing up this idea into reality;

ICO Hard Cap – €170 Million (Pre-ICO + 3 Stagesof discounts) The amount raised will greatly increase the velocity at which the stages of the roadmap can be achieved and help push our entire timeline to completion. Another extremely important aspect of the ICO is a very wide distribution of the token, which helps support the network and
spreads usage to completely new audiences.

your opportunity counts from now, For a full list of business partners that will be accepting MB8 Coin. post ICO is available at www.mb8coin.i .You can book your holiday, hotel and purchase goods using MB8 Coin as your secure payment method. Our partners, where Multibuy Company will book all your holiday and travel needs are. Below are the emblems of the company for your choice;

To all prospective investors and esteemed customers, below is the MB8 business next plan of action;

Website : https://mb8coin.io/
Whitepaper: https://mb8coin.io/%24whpdir/MB8%20Whitepaper.pdf
Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3623567
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MB8Coin
Twitter : https://twitter.com/MB8Coin
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HS6S5UljzEQlZR6nw0m61g
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