“MBYS is based on the idea that consumers should be able to build meaningful relationships on social networks while retaining complete control of their personal data. Users are able to determine what data they sell, who they sell to and how much they are willing to share.”

MBYS is an expert networking platform for a decentralized world. Here, clients have total autonomy to alter their privacy settings, manage who sees their information, and get rewards for sharing their information. The Mutual Exchange Service Hash (MESH) token fills in as the official money on the MBYS platform. You get MESH for practically all exercises on MBYS, for example, staking tokens to approve profiles or for pitching your information to organizations.


Clients make a MBYS Profile that experiences two levels of encryption to secure non-delicate data, for example, first name, and exceedingly touchy data, for example, area and date of birth. Client information is scrambled and put away with BigChainDB crosswise over capacity hubs that are facilitated among the system. MBYS Profile information is discharged to different clients through networking or to organizations through information deals by executing an off-chain key exchange. To take in more about the keen contract instrument, please read our white paper.

This is an idea that imagines a decentralized and expert networking discussion for different individuals. The current B2B model of how information examination are done in the expert enlistment world would be upset by this one of a kind plan of action.

• It would work through the MESH or Mutual Exchange Service Hash token protocol.

• The clients who add to the information in this platform would pick up pay if organizations buy this information by the utilization of MESH tokens.

• This platform would offer a safe structure whereby experts can sign on and interface with others and in addition spares or get their accreditations put away after approval.

• It would enable individuals to coordinate with comparable experts through this discussion.

• Those who work in the ability procurement industry would approach the ability pool in this group through Mesh tokens.

This platform would enable experts to interface and develop business connections. They can likewise get saw by potential managers and organizations can enroll competitors. Despite the fact that there is no medium to contact or check the accreditations of experts, the system and its technology will empower information to be approved and encourage networking in a safe way.

A huge number of networking platform clients go unrewarded after their profiles are sold to outsiders. We have no real way to pick who gets the chance to see and control our social profile information, and no real way to guarantee the protected exchange of data between parties on platforms, for example, LinkedIn. MBYS takes care of this issue by empowering experts to offer their information specifically to organizations inspired by their profiles, and by giving clients finish control over who perspectives and utilizations their profile data.

Token Details

ERC-20 Compatible
Total supply: 45M
Symbol: MESH
ICO Start date: 5th May 2018
ICO End date: 15th June 2018
ICO Price: 0.001 ETH

Work Tokens will be conveyed to platform clients who pick to pitch information to organizations, add to the appropriated stockpiling blockchain through facilitating profiles, and for going about as observers to approve MESH exchanges on the platform blockchain. 51% of the aggregate token supply will be discharged to introductory to clients. The engineering of the MESH keen contract is intended to limit exchange costs, however the execution of the savvy contract still requires gas. No individual purchaser may buy in excess of 20 ETH worth of MESH (20,000 MESH). Clients that buy MESH straightforwardly from the platform will be able to exchange the tokens for access to information that clients may choose to offer for MESH. After the underlying tokens are appropriated, new MESH tokens must be obtained using the platform (ex. networking, blockchain profile approval, and so on.) or through various different exchanges.


Visit the links below for more information:
Website: http://mbys.io/
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic—3148811
Whitepaper: http://mbys.io/docs/MBYS Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/mbys_official
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbysmesh


Authored by Lelvin: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1275173


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