Today many companies in the health sector do not include the US market for several reasons,  
mostly to avoid SEC surveillance, but also because HIPAA compliance can be difficult to understand and obey those who do not know. 

Our founders have extensive experience in health, especially IT health, and as entrepreneurs. You can see their Linkedin page for more of their history, but in a nutshell; 

Our founder is also the founder and CEO of Zynex Medical (Ticker: ZYXI), a publicly traded Medical Devices company.


Mining, data validation, data storage, proof of storage, and proof-of-retrievability will be provided by 
decentralized server networks  and federations as part of the blockchain protocol along with MedChain software (both through patient applications & providers) 
for MedCoin trading, turning MedCoin into Enter Token, and to ensure payment for Blockchain Entries. 

MedChain Network protocols are based on Data Layers and Applications that integrate ERC20-Standards or similar tokens on Ethereum-based blockchain. 

The MedChain blockchain will function as a hash storage for decentralized storage networks,  
which will be fully audited and can be verified by federated network servers.

Federation servers will be paid with MedCoins in return for storage and information retrieval. 

All storage and retrieval requests will function with the use of an Incoming Token rather than MedCoin. The Federation mining node will be compensated with MedCoin to execute valid and verified transactions.


Benefits of Providers  
Utilizing blockchains and MedChain software,  
healthcare providers can have almost instant access to  
new patient medical records, and potentially save several  
billion dollars each year in fines associated with data breaches. 

In addition to significant savings, patient information 
can also  be kept safe with very low risk of leaked identifiable data  


Patient Benefits  
Using MedChain smartphones and web applications,  
patients will be able to eliminate and / or avoid excessive testing  
due to lack of sharing of records between providers. 

Health records can also be near-instant available  
in emergencies, including when individuals are  
non-responsive but have their smartphones on them.





Whitepaper: doc / Medchain% 20Whitepaper% 20v1.0.pdf


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