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MedChain is a platform that is global and decentralized, it is used to manage the points are cumulative and loyalty programs. Analyze a large number of loyalty programs of different use of points, which the developer does not find a good app. This leads to direct damage to the user, as well as loyalty programs are not successfully implemented and increase the liability of the company.
MedChain provides a solution to the problem with blocking technology. Due to the low transaction cost and high security, MedChain convert the score to a token MedChain (MedChain) and give the user the loyalty program.
The MedChain Network protocol is based on a Data and Application Layer integrating an ERC20-Standard or similar token on an Ethereum based blockchain.
The MedChain blockchain will function as a hash depository for the decentralized storage network,which will be fully auditable and verifiable by a network of federated servers.
The federated servers will be paid with MedCoins in return for storage space and retrieval of information.
All storage and retrieval requests will function with the use of Entry Tokens rather than MedCoins.
Federated mining nodes will be compensated with MedCoins for executing valid and verified transactions.

Every company we meet with a loyalty program on the points. The market for this commodity costs more than billions and grows at 6% per year. However, this means there are many types of different scoring because there are many companies around the world. In desperation, it is difficult for clients to manage and use your points. Even for the business, the points of unused leads to loyalty programs being lower than expected and adversely affecting your debt. MedChain is the solution to decentralization based on the blockade, which solves the problem of loyalty program at this time with the use of the glasses. Key Features MedChain including MedChain Wallet, MedChain Exchange, Feed Promotion and Save MedChain.
Project MedChain’s solution for decentralized block solves the problem of loyalty program that comes with the points. Key Features MedChain is Wallet MedChain Wallet, Exchange MedChain Exchange, Feed Action, and Save MedChain.

What kind of problems does the project have?

Below are the problems identified. Increase the company’s obligations: Points that are not used are considered liabilities. Because of the points, the customer is less and less used, the liabilities of the company to more significant and negative impact on the financial forecasts of you. The poor performance of the loyalty program: this is due to the low usage of the points that the company can not achieve, the performance of a loyal program, as expected. poor performance, like when you consider the social costs for the customer and the business

the complexity of the control points: average registered 29 program is different, so it is hard to control the points and leads to the fact that the points expire. Profits are from this platform. Both users and companies can use the platform MedChain. Users can redeem their points for MedChain tokens (MedChain) or use their points in the shop body. Users get access to promotion through advertising channels Access to advertising by companies that are interested.

MedChain Wallet allows you to simultaneously manage and integrate multiple partners at once. The company has access to more customers, allowing you to quickly sell your products on the pointer. Model exchange MedChain help companies to effectively reduce their obligations. Partners can encourage more loyalty to potential customers using feed appointments and saving MedChain.

Patient Benefits

  1. Utilizing MedChain’s smartphone and web applications,patients will be able to eliminate and/or avoid redundant
    testing due to lack of record-sharing between providers.
  2. Health records can also be near-instantaneously available in cases of emergency, including when the individual is
    non-responsive but has their smartphone on them.

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