Media Protocol ICO Review– Compensating Content Creators with Cryptocurrency

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Today, traditional sources of content distribution are unsustainable and ineffective. Though centralized media to form a monopoly, they can’t provide the creators, publishers and consumers, equitable basis, without intermediaries for the creation, consumption and distribution of content. BASED on all this follows a number of problems that media Protocol seeks to solve.

About the project

MEDIA Protocol is a platform based on Blockchain technology, which is designed to become more transparent, secure and easy to interact with all creators, publishers and consumers of content. MEDIA Protocol aims to redistribute power from middlemen to centralized platforms and reward fully publishers and content consumers.


The media Protocol ecosystem is designed to provide:

  • transparent and unencumbered structure that will allow creators, promoters, distributors and consumers of content to exchange, create and receive rewards without intermediaries and hidden schemes.
  • a sustainable platform that will monitor and support each entity, without any additional fees and commissions. This approach will allow content creators and publishers to receive full rewards for promoting and encouraging their content consumers. Consumers, in turn, will receive rewards for their preferences, consuming this or that content.
  • control between content creators, eliminating the relationship between them, while allowing everyone to maintain their role and get paid for their value.
  • an economic platform that will allow to exclude all traditional intermediaries who earn a lot of money in cooperation with the creators, consumers and publishers.

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Thus, MEDIA Protocol is a set of rules that are aimed at regulating the exchange and transfer of information between different devices. And these rules are aimed at the settlement of all participants in the marketing and advertising industries, building between them a special stream of value. Through the use of Blockchain technology, MEDIA Protocol will be able to provide transparent, safe and valuable relations between the media and users, allowing to demonstrate the visual advantages of this system for all creators, inventors and consumers of content.

ICO and tokens

MEDIA Protocol FOR the full-scale operation of its system will release media tokens, with which the participants of the system will be able to exchange values, which ultimately can be easily exchanged for Fiat. As for the details related to the ICO, the development team has designated the first and second quarter of 2018 for the full sale OF media tokens.


Thanks to the bright idea of monetizing its own content, MEDIA Protocol will allow all consumers, content creators and publishers to create a new economy in the field of media. Using the internal architecture of the decentralized application, each participant will be able to receive tokens for the content, as well as directly for the maintenance of the consumer’s own content. No matter what kind of content it will publish, it will be video, audio, image or text. This Protocol will allow more control and understanding of the whole process of creation, distribution and consumption of content. I think this project is very interesting and promising. Therefore, I recommend that you study the concept of this project in more detail by clicking on these links:




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