Meet HeartBout app — a revolution in social networking communication

Social network HeartBout was designed to convert the time spent in social networking to user earnings, where users get their profit in the form of HBC tokens for their activity as authors and voters. The design and functionality of the social network HeartBout has been developed through deep analysis of different services. In HeartBout users can post photos, videos and video links from popular sources like Youtube. Within HeartBout we have developed a unique functionality – the creation of categories accumulating tags and challenges/bouts between user publications.

  • Convenient interface
    The design of HeartBout app was carefully thought out. Through analysiszed of a large number of products with similar functionality, we chose the best way of presenting the application interface.
  • The reward for activity
    In HeartBout social network authors and voters can earn income with HBC tokens.The more often the user uses the social network, the higher the probability he/she has in earning HBC tokens.
  • Competition
    A unique feature is the “bout” function which allows you to create a competition between users and their content in whichwhere other users will be able to vote for their favorite publication. The winner of the challenge receives the originally placed bet and the amount of tokens bet by the opponent minus the fee of HeartBout. The bet can be placed with unlimited value.

HeartBout Token

HeartBout Token The HeartBout coin token (abbreviated as HBC) is the only and the basic token of the HeartBout social networking service. The HBC is used as a reward for actions of the HeartBout social network users and is directly connected with the advertising capabilities of the social network.

The HBC tokens can be spent on promotion of a publication (advertisement). Besides, the coins can be taken out to an accredited stock and converted to other currencies in future. Users assess content using “hot” (like) and “cold” (dislike) hearts. It means that the more often a user uses the social network, the more HBC they can get.
Upon completion of the sale of the tokens (ICO) on June 30, 2018, in June cryptocurrency of the Heart Bout blockchain will be available at various cryptocurrency exchanges, where we will systematically increase the distribution of our cryptocurrency at the maximum number of the most reliable exchanges; also we will work to create our own domestic exchange to provide
maximum convenience.

The cost of the HBC token

Internal cost of 1 HBC is calculated based on the value of one impression costing $0.02 multiplied by the DAU divided by 1000 ($0,02 * DAU/1000). Starting from June of 2018, we expect growth of DAU from 30 000 to 252 970 users in December. Thus, we expect growth in price of 1 HBC from $0,6 to $5.1.

HeartBout ICO

The number of tokens — 8 235 600
December 15—31 — a discount of 35% of the price (for limited number of tokens)
January 30—February 28 — 20% discount

The number of tokens — 35 962 120
April 1—30 — 15%
May 10—30 June — 10%

• The maximum number of tokens issued for sale — 44,197,720
• The sum of the maximum collection amount of ETH — 6 440
• The name of token: Heart Bout Coin
• The kind of token: ERC20
• The price of token: 0.051 $, 1 ETH (at the dollar rate 1 ETH — $ 350) = 6 863 HBC
• The minimum purchase : 1 HBC
• Crypto currency for payment: ETH

Crwodsale occasion for HBC tokens will begin from 31st January 2018. It is a magnificent chance to purchase HBC tokens by getting some reward.

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