MeFy ” Future of Decentralised Healthcare Platform “

MeFy – a platform in the field of medicine on the block. Usually health is considered a person’s responsibility. MeFy believes that more and more often society will have a big impact on the changing health conditions of people around the world. MeFy, with its unique and destructive healthcare platform, unites the healthcare industry and patients. It starts with individuals, but includes friends and family, it connects doctors with pharmacists, researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

Now in this area there are a number of problems. Despite impressive growth, the healthcare industry has been inconsistent. Although we have world-class hospitals, modern technology, highly qualified doctors and health professionals, the average patient faces high prices, insufficient access and inconsistent quality. Due to changes in lifestyle and other parameters, the growing incidence of chronic diseases and concomitant diseases, combined with their huge economic impact and growing deficit of health workers, is the main cause of higher mortality. Thus, changing the approach to care is extremely important.

The project proposes the following solution:
Mefy operates on a subscription basis, where the MeMe Care user subscribes to an annual subscription, allowing them to conduct any number of tests during the year at the expense of consumables only. Due to its eConsult function, it connects world doctors with world patients, thereby solving the accessibility problems and using the MeMe Edge device, it ensures the authenticity of the test conducted.

The main ideas of the project:

HEALTH: Keep every your interaction with the doctor recorded, all health statistics and reports in one place, so that it is easily accessible when it was necessary.

eCONSULT: Consult with doctors anytime, anywhere.

EVENTS: Captures your data to guide you to your health.

REMINISCENCES: Never miss a medicine or a meeting again.

DIET: Know what you consume.

FLORENCE: Captures data about your health and lifestyle so that it can guide you in all aspects of your health.

MEME EDGE: Subscribe to our services to check your life cycle statistics of your health as many times as you need.

MEME AI: Automatic recipe, based on the state and old data for the medicine itself.

Whitepaper: The site presents a whitepaper project, which anyone can read in English.

Token Sale:
Total Tokens: 200,000,000 MEFY

Soft Cap: $ 10 Million USD

Hard Cap: $ 35 Million USD

Min / Max Contribution: 0.5-5 ETH

Dates of public sale will be known during pre-sale.

1 MEFY = 0.30 USD (without bonus)

You can participate in pre-sale right now, the public sale will be later.

Roadmap :The project website contains information on the road map, calculated before the end of 2019.

Team: Also on the project site there is information about the developers and advisors of the project, there are links to linkedin, so if you want, you can see each member.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am interested in the idea of ​​this project, since medicine needs the introduction of blocking technology.

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