MenaPay will distribute 75% of the total revenue and profit between MenaPay holders. This creates a new standard in the crypto industry for a level of participatory returns, beyond regular incentives for users and investors.

We develop the most common cryptocurrency in WilayahMENA MenaPay is a blockchain-based payment that is very strong in the Middle East and Africa. Madayayker is a traditional payment method with Cryptocurrency that is fully supported by blockchain. It provides a secure and transparent payment gateway for every transaction of daily life. The MenaPay project starts in November 2017 to serve 420 million people, in 18 countries, as their main payment

Solution for Using Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method

Cryptocurrency cannot be used in daily life transactions because entrepreneurs. price fluctuations and their cash-out problems. MenaCash, which is 100% supported by the USD, will be used as a currency for transactions under the MenaPay platform.

1 MenaCash will always be equal to 1 USD and traders will be able to make cash from the MenaPay foundation. MenaPay also brings easy-to-use solutions such as desktop and cellular wallets, API and SDK integration, reporting and dashboard management for traders, all with an Arabic user interface.

Solution to Real Life Problems

Regular banking tools are mostly not used in the Middle East and the African Region because of conservative Islamic practices and a poor banking system. This region is also very fragmented

multi-currency structure.MenaPay brings 100% Islamic non-bank digital solutions, uses blockchain to make a single currency for everyday use and cross-border transactions.

How to reach 1 billion USD Market Capitalization in Mid 2019

Premium onboarding traders that offer special discounts only for MenaPay. Reach 5 million active users thanks to strong premium campaign campaigns and local marketing. Build an offline reseller network to allow easy access to the world of cryptocurrency. Gaining support from the influence of creators in the region, such as women in the technology industry, politicians, artists and social Cryptocurrency cannot be used in daily life transactions because entrepreneurs

Establishing Public Cryptocurrency Adoption

In addition to receiving 30 major cryptocurrency, you can buy tokens via bank transfer and credit card or you can pay at the door

Innovative Crypto System Solution

Stable cryptocurrency “MenaCash” will work through personal blockchain solutions to eliminate volatility and to ensure transactions faster than ancient financial instruments, such as credit and debit cards. The tradable MenaPay tokens will use ERC20 and will be used to distribute most of the income and profits from MenaPay platform and will be available for the sale of many people. Generate revenue from expenses from P2P (peer to peer) and P2M (peer to merchant) Transactions and cash-out fees from M2F (Merchant to Foundation). Green Mining: Each MenaCash transaction between Peer to Merchant can be provided by MenaPay tokens. Token MenaPay will be distributed from mining reserves. A certain ratio of transaction costs will be used to fill reserve mining with MenaPay tokens.

How MenaPay works?

We are creating a new standard in the crypto industry for the level of participatory returns, beyond the regular incentives for users and investors.

– P2P Transactions

– P2M Peer to Merchant Payments

– M2F Merchant to Foundation

– Green Mining

Token Distribution And Use Of Funds

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