A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a
medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the
creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrency
mainly uses decentralized control with all transactions recorded in a database called
Blockchain. The first decentralized cryptocurrency created was Bitcoin in 2009.
Since then, the crypto world has grown exponentially in the last couple years.
Massive adoption of blockchain technology cannot be evaded in the coming
years as cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly easier to access and own. There
are at least 1500 cryptocurrencies currently in the market. One of these is

MenaPay is the first blockchain-based payment that is fully supported by gateways in the Middle East and Africa. EdenPay replaces traditional payment methods with Cryptocurrency fully supported by blockchain. This provides a secure and transparent payment gateway that activates transactions for every aspect of everyday life. MenaPay Project started in November 2017 to serve 420 million people in 18 countries as the main payment of their method. MadPay will distribute 75% of total income and profits between holders of MenaPay. This creates a new standard in the crypto industry for a level of participatory returns beyond regular incentives for users and investors,

The MenaPay platform through the introduction of blockchain technology involving the use of smart contracts has included steps and features to connect customers with traders directly for transactions that are very safe, secure, faster and more transparent. Platform MenaPay intends to launch APP with a user-friendly dashboard that will helping people in the Middle East and Africa with poor banking skills that are adapted to the new decentralized payment methods .enaPay creates a single currency to be used every day via blockchain by bringing 100% Islamic and non-bank digital solutions.

The increasingly widespread development of Crypto makes an alternative for trading transactions because it is felt will make users easier, transparent and safer. But this also has weaknesses for day-to-day transactions such as purchasing basic necessities that not all stores provide for cryptographic transactions. will be offered from the case is by the program from MenaPay that will accommodate the service.

Regular banking tools are mostly not used in the Middle East and the African Region because of conservative Islamic practices and a poor banking system. This region is also a highly fragmented structure with various currencies. MenaPay brings 100% Islamic non-bank digital solutions, uses blockchain to making a single currency for everyday use and cross-border transactions.

The MenaPay Team has planned two tokens for the entire MenaPay ecosystem. The first is MenaPay and the other is MenaCash .MenaPay should be a participatory token that will be used to raise funds from the ICO and then be used to distribute 75% of income and profits to token holders. To overcome the problem of volatility in the token price, the team will also make MenaCash which will be used in daily transactions.

Token Information
Ticker Specifications: Mpay
Total Token Number: 400 Million
Tokens to be sold: 256 Million
Soft Cap Target: USD 5 Million
Target Hard Cap: USD 25 Million
Estimated ICO Price: USD 0.165
Token Standard: ERC-20

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