MenaPay ICO Review

MenaPay is a fully paid encrypted payment system based on blockchain, supplying transparent and secure payment channels in all modern payment methods, letting transactions in all areas of daily life. It is frequently described as”easier passwords than money”.

The MenaPay Foundation encompasses a wide range of facets, such as encryption and data exchange, revenue and earnings systems, new reserves, cash processing fees and demand systems, procurement, merchants and individual customers. Menapay is focusing on developing a new benchmark in the cryptography industry for the degree of involvement earnings that exceeds the typical incentives for users and investors. The main attributes of MenaPay are as follows. P2P transactions; Pay the seller from P2M peer; M2F Trader Foundation; And the green light.

MenaPay is the primary square-based gateway that is totally maintained in the Middle East and Africa. EdenPay replaces the customary payment techniques with cryptographic cash that’s fully backed by a string of blocks. MenaPay Mission is creating online sites and software which will coordinate responses to encryption requests for different Arab websites and websites to the dashboard.

New payments like Bitcoin and other digital money schemes have resisted us since they are costly and demand huge and inappropriate exchange costs for your daily needs, such as to purchase basic equipment, cover taxis and different administrations. Accessible daily. EdenPay plans to change business as usual by providing 100% non-bank innovative Islamic structures, using the blockchain to make a single amount to use in daily and peripheral exchanges.

Ecosystem MenaPay

As invention progresses and the total Blockchain environment develops in a sensible pace, a lot of the progress occurs in several pockets of the planet. The Middle East and North Africa have remained disengaged from the Growth of Blockchain.

This district is part of their economies attained through Islamic Saharia, which prohibits excitement for progress. Because of this, the GCC area has sharia-acceptable money-related bases that accounts for approximately 1 percent of the planet’s total resources. This region can be extremely split, with distinct financial forms which have banned the integration of districts to precisely the exact same sector.

Road map

In January 2019, the retailer is going to be linked. In April, it’s planned to start face recognition technologies for a further amount of transaction protection. And, in May the job plans to achieve 5 million consumers! In June, the general market of this system must get to the amount of 1 billion. In December, the organization is going to establish P2P financing opportunities and comprise AI at the job.


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