Meritt protocol

Meritt is a platform for managing global and centralized cumulative scores and loyalty. While checking a large number of loyalty programs from multiple points, developers can not find good apps. This, in addition to the failure to successfully implement loyalty programs and increase responsibility for the company, also continues to damage consumers.

Let’s see how this project represents the value for such a system and how this project differs from the project block platform in a manner similar to the integration of point blocks. Convert your coins to points received by all users in the Meritt affiliate program   or points for the national partnership program  

  Meritt  or vice versa. Merit  users  to purchase products from your affiliate program. Affiliate programs will benefit from more opportunities offered through marketing, promotions, and shopping.

Open protocol for chain formation and peer,-to-peer financial contract performance 

In this case, you can consider a simple algorithm for using the Meritt platform:

1. Setting goals for new contracts. Meritt’s financial contract complies with the ERC20 standard, which sets the basis for token transfers and separations. Transfers can be restricted to closed user groups and temporarily suspended (tokens can be frozen). 

2. Dynamic payment channels. Any payment from the token publisher of the contract (for example, dividend payment by the company) to the pool member is automatically transferred to the wallet in connection with which the published token is stored. The allocation takes into account the proportional distribution of the underlying asset. 

3. Voting and two-way communication. Voting mechanisms can be public, and votes are transferred directly to the contract for evaluation. Alternatively, votes may be private, and only hashes are submitted to the contract to ensure the authenticity of the vote.

Two-way information channel: The contract token publisher can send messages through smart contract to all Participants to comply with the information obligations. Participants can send a message to the publisher when a contract is required.

1. Simplicity creates contracts and their implementation. Through the Merit network of DAPP networks, companies seek funding, creating and generating financial contracts, as per the chop agreement and placed into a special contract for distribution, which automatically sends the signing agreement upon receipt of payment from participants (such as ATMs).

1. Database to save the contract made. Participants and observers may request the Meritt register to obtain data on the existence of the Meritt contract (to the extent available publicly), as well as data on events related to each contract. 

2. Datastore Framework. Allow Meritt users to manage and provide identity and other personal information in a consistent environment and provide limited access to their data. The data itself can be placed independently or stored in a distributed data store. 

Some important features of this project 

It is important to highlight the factors that may interest the participants of the platform: 

Install & play modules

For the simple implementation and completion of various financial contracts for Ethereum Blockchain 

Agnostic Protocol Asset Class Classes 

Meritt’s financial contracts may be securities, loans, bonds, utilities, property or tokens for donations. For each financial contract issued, a special ERC20 contract token is created. 

Key terms done and resolved on the block chain 

Transparency and belief in future performance of key terms and audits on unchanged books. Guaranteed delivery and maintenance of trouble-free financial contracts through intellectual contracts. 

Trust ID of sovereignty and ownership of Para

participants have full control and ownership of their encrypted personal data and identification data and may disclose information about zero knowledge. 

Decentralized and free, without Meritt’s commission, no middleman 

Decentralization of chain block architecture. Bring only the cost of gas. Funding in a real peer-to-peer environment. 


The creators of this unique, decentralized platform are ready to give their customers the opportunity to enter into profitable, high-quality, and secure transactions. Any intellectual contract is an ideal assurance for the fulfillment of all conditions of cooperation. In this case, all participants in the transaction receive reliable protection against any fraud scheme. In this case, all transactions are done very quickly. 

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