What is Merrit ?
Meritt is a new, decentralized platform that performs cryptocurrency exchange functions, combining the most advanced technological developments and popular blockchain systems that have proven themselves to be a complete provider of reliability and security. Cryptocurrency has really revolutionized the international market soon after entering, immediately attracting many people, most of whom want to feel the benefits in practice. That’s why cryptocurrency based projects are now one of the most popular and have great development prospects, as well as investments in digital currency.

Meritt is the platform for solving cumulative and global loyalty and centering results. If you check a large number of loyalty programs from different points, the viewfinder can not find a good application. This, in addition to the fact that the loyalty program with its wealth and increased responsibility for the company is not realized, continues to worsen consumers.

Let’s see how this project is of value for such systems and how these projects differ from the platforms of the project blocks, as well as the integration of the blocks. Exchange money in the eyes of Meritt Merchant Merchants or Merks Meritt or vice versa. Earn users to buy products from your affiliate program. Affiliate programs get more opportunities through marketing, promotion and shopping.

Meritt is a loyalty program that is used to facilitate and increase liabilities to companies through the use of blocks and too many loyalty programs to address urgent problems related to risks to consumers. The merit of Merak Eye Integration MTT Meritt represents the loyalty and loyalty of the program. The cheapest with maximum security. In addition to low transaction and cost uncertainties, Meritt provides more meaningful results for business users and business partners who use vehicle blocking technology to lift off-center vehicles.

Meritt is an open protocol for the independent creation and maintenance of peer-to-peer financial contracts for Blockchain. Unique decentralized platform, which today will be in great demand and popular. However, the intellectual contract is a real guarantee of high quality transaction execution. The Meritt project is ideal for decentralized fundraising, funding tokens, and more!

Open protocol for the formation of the chain and the performance of peer-to-peer financial contracts

What is the problem of saving the project?
There is a problem described below. Increase in corporate debt: unused eyes are listed as liabilities. The decline in demand and the decline in demand for consumer ratings adversely affect the company’s commitment to more important and financial reviews. The lower achievable loyalty program: with low looks, the company can not reach its loyalty program, as expected. Low awareness of how to calculate social costs for customers and trade.

Complexity of the control point. Eighteen stored programs, different, make it difficult to maintain the eyes and fill the cup. This platform will be profitable. Platform stitches can be used by users and businesses. Use merit MTT to replace the memory point or eye marker. Users can access ads through ad channels, rather than affiliates.

With Meritt Wallet, you can simultaneously manage multiple users at the same time. Companies have access to more customers so that they can sell their products in accordance with the instructions. The exchange model of dignity helps companies reduce their responsibility with the impression. Couples can contribute to greater customer loyalty when eating and eating. Meritt.

Merrit Network Token :
Tradable in whole or part
Meritt Financial contract is compliant with the ERC20 standard setting of the base for token transfers and splits, Transfer can be restricted to a closed user group and temporarily suspended (token can be frozen).

Dynamic payment channel
Any payments from the contract token issuer (a dividend payment by a company for example) to the pool of participants is automatically transferred to the relevant wallet where the issued token is being held. The distribution respects the pro rata distribution of the underlying assets.

Voting & two way communication
Participants (contract token holder) to vote on-chain through voting interface when required. The voting mechanism can be submitted directly to the contract for evaluation. Alternatively, the votes can be private with only a hash being submitted to the contract to confirm the authenticity of the vote.

Two-way information channel: (i) Contract token issuer can be broadcast messages through the smart contract to participate in the event. an option).

Self-creation & implementation
Via a Meritt network dApp, the entity seeking funds creates and issues a financial contract, the corresponding contract token of the mine is distributed token on reception of payment from participants (similar to a vending machine).

Contracts ledger explorer
Participants and observers can query Meritt registers to obtain data about the existence of Meritt contracts deployed (to the extent they are public) as well as

Datastore framework
Allows Meritt users to manage and provide information on a partial and a zero-knowledge basis. The data itself can be self-hosted or held in a distributed data storage.

Applications and platforms can utilize the Meritt protocol to enable their users to fund or raise funds based on peer-to-peer.

Token distribution October 20 2018

Token symbol MTT

Token standard ERC20

MTT : ETH 5000 MTT = 1 ETH

Minimum contribution 0.1 ETH

Token supply : 1,200,000,000

Available tokens for distribution : 504,000,000

Meritt Wallet lets you manage and integrate multiple friends at once. Companies have access to more customers, letting them sell their products to prospects. Meritt’s exchange model helps companies reduce their responsibilities effectively. Partners can encourage greater customer loyalty by using food and working frugally. These unique and decentralized platform creators are ready to give their customers the opportunity to enter into profitable, high-quality, and secure transactions. Any intellectual contract is an ideal assurance for the fulfillment of all conditions of cooperation. In this case, all participants in the transaction receive reliable protection against any fraud scheme. In this case, all transactions are done very quickly. MERITT can be a good long-term investment for you, as it is likely that the company will offer a good return on investment, but in the future. If you have enough patience, it would be nice to invest in this company.

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