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When it comes to transactions people are always looking for the fastest, safest and most convenient way to manifest their transactions. Imagine your transactions complete in three seconds. Finish when you blink your eyes three times. Incredible, is not it? Yes, this is possible with Tracechain technology. The Tracechain protocol is an open source protocol that is currently developed and used by MetaHash. This is a very fast chain block alternative. It processes more than 5 billion transactions a day with authorization levels of less than 3 seconds. 
MetaHash is the fastest and safest crypto currency in the world today. It works on the adaptable MetaApp platform that brings us the fastest transaction processing time.

Limitations of Blockchain

Everyone talks about block chain technology but is reluctant to talk about its limitations. Block chain technology has been overhyped and in reality it has limitations that need to be addressed. Issues that slow down the development of block chains are their complexity, transaction costs, network speed, network size, security flaws and political aspects open to debate. Block technology has a competitor working to solve this problem.


We have projects that have worked on block block constraints and have produced something great from MetaHash. MetaHash is designed to create a single solution that allows future block system chains to unite into a decentralized network, capable of recording every transaction. This is a decentralized network for digital asset exchanges and platforms to build decentralized applications that work in real time. 
The self-regulating MetaHash network creates the foundation for a fully decentralized Internet branch. MetaHash is the next generation network based on Blockchain 4.0 technology.

Blockchain Comparison Table

Crypto currency is the future and people come to overcome it. The existing Crypto currency is far from perfect, which is why we have  #MetaHash   today. It represents all future blockchain-powered opportunities manifested in a single project. (22) .png

Features Different from MetaHash

Existing projects do not fully meet the needs of its users, so MetaHash comes with a much better solution.
  1. MetaHash is a fully decentralized project.
  2. A synchronized network that is proficient in processing information on a large scale is lacking in existing projects.
  3. Transaction speed in under three seconds.
  4. High bandwidth.
  5. Cheap.

MetaHash Structure

These four components work in harmony with the form of a user-friendly single unit system.
  1. TraceChain  
    This is the core of networks and solutions to other network speed issues. Growing because more nodes with higher bandwidth are added there by increasing the reliability of the   additional   #DataChains  needed to run the app.
  2. MetaApps  
    This is the core code that optimizes the location of the app running in real time like regular web services written in programming languages ​​including Solidity, PHP, C ++, etc. Each developer can create and publish apps in   #MetaApps  .
  3. MetaGate  
    This is a decentralized app and browser directory. An open source interface using the TraceChain protocol enables third-party developers to embed the MetaApps and TraceChain features into various applications and browsers.
  4. MetaHashCoin  
    MetaHash is a self-development system embedded in its genetic code. This is the crypto currency used on the MetaHash platform for payments and exchange.

MetaHashCoin Emissions by Year

It is interesting to know how MethHashCoin will be removed
30% of all   #MetaHashCoins   will be distributed among the Founder round participants, Private Round, ICO Round A, ICO Round B and Bitcoin and Ethereum fork participants. 
The remaining 70% will not exist at the time of ICO and will be issued at the planned time according to    the #MetaHash code   . 70% consists of 50% for     mining  stimulation #MetaHash (forging), 10% to support the Project Team, and 10% to support project development.

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