Metoken reform the universe of business by making a worldwide social trade economy

Do you understand that an eminent expanded time frame back heaps of Bitcoin early darlings experienced issues with their auspicious circumstances, at any rate they held their emotions and their coins, in this way sapient they are feeling like no one’s business now,- the experts in Crypto Industry verbally express, – in any case we require Bitcoin and Ethereum to handle a more prominent scale, so affiliations need to decentralize information and accreditation their security concerns. A fore long they oppose another test: considering the monstrous measure of mazuma contributed, it stays to be visually perceived what number of old-tickers and newcomers will stay staunch to the business and will endeavour to transmute the world with the assistance of types of progress that have beginning at now transformed them. These days, Block chain progression is encountering an epic effect. Incipient Block chain outlines are made well inductively authorized, including the best categorical affiliations.Envision an influencer who requires to confer early outfits. There are assorted approaches to manage direct do it, yet the best one is to verbalize with the potential clients enhearten. Thusly, the influencer trades photographs of the substance to Me Token stage where they interface with purchasers, who are checking for starting bits of articles of apparel. Their posts get relishes and offers that later on are remunerated with Me Tokens.

The MeToken is an automated cash blockchain coinage delineated just as a gregarious exchange deal with for influencers, individuals and brands fortifying shoppable divulgence applications in the game plan business and displaying the, this is the essential under-tone of the MeToken business sort out customers by, systems for the blockchain. Jovial business is a making business division where brands, stamp the influencers and customers interface particularly with each other. Me Token is a phase that licenses enter players in jovial business, brands, influencers and customers, to be made up for their commitment, content commitment and any purchase coming to pass as expected in context of these activities.

Features of me token
• Impact
• Content token pay for content
• Multi-level pay system
• Effulgent and clear substance scattering
• Consumers
• Token exchange for data exchange
• Full substance
• Digital furniture, style appeal, et cetera.
• Brands
• Higher clickthrough rate
• More changes
• Better productivity

The Problem:

if a brand showing stage is baffled and with that faces a plenitude of difficulties as it may be. In any case, Moneytoken peregrinated to a choice to shape betoken them for clients and clients benefits. There are in addition issues like;
Unequal pass on of substance respects on the media;The content designers are devastate as jovial stages welcome every single point of convergence. Broken courses of action Cycle:” Convivial media’s present structure neglects to surmount any square among introduction and game plans conversion. Absence of control: ” Users have no power over how their information is used by gregarious platforms”

Arrangements : The Me token changes into the basic decentralized ERC20 coinage for clients furthermore goes about as the framework money been perfectly gotten a handle on by the gregarious trade stages. In this way, on the Me token is comparatively the frame compose for clients as it is stoppable and Instagram-like in nature. As necessities be through this cause will influence rs,Consumers and Brands recognize epic the purposes of intrigue the . The going with are a fragment of the purposes of intrigue these brands will recognize for Metoken strategy string.

Token Sale & Distribution
Token price $0.09 USD
Symbol METO
Total token supply 1,000,000,000
Soft cap $7M
Distributed at the token sale 350,000,000
Hard cap $20M
Accepted currencies ETH
Presale dates July 23 – August 22, 2018
Presale minimum purchase 20 ETH, 1 ETH
Presale bonus 43%, 25%
Token sale dates August 23 – October 22, 2018
Token sale minimum purchase 0.1 ETH



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