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Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time, all inclusive, music is a key part of our life, because it adds joy to the soul, body and spirit. Both youthful and old individuals play music for unwinding reason, occasions, feelings, when they are in anxious mood to sooth or unwind their nerves, music can be played in the city, in the workplace, thus numerous spots utilizing either cell phones, system, iPod, headsets, on the web and other melodic gadgets.

In the music industry, some already established studios and firms offer to help artists especially the upcoming ones with some heinous condition which at the end of the day will frustrate the artists some might even end their music career for failing to meet the condition of the firm that they have contract with, this has been the bane of this great industry and inhibit many talented artist to pursue their music career.


However CYBERFM radio which was established in October 11th, 2017, October , having evaluated that circumstances gone through by this young artist in the traditional system, seeks to take away the barriers and ugly experiences faced by young artist young artist and also help to take them to their desired destination in the music industry through a decentralized blockchain incorporated radio platform that has multi-channel for entertainment purposes and the sky is their limit from there. The CYFM Token is a symbolism regulatory compliance in digital form for artists that are currently registered with local representation. Examples include: BMI in the U.S. and SOCAN in Canada. The CYFM Token will be utilized at all times for payment to ALL government regulation agencies worldwide.

Most music isn’t available in the mainstream, however CyberFm revolutionary blockchain powered project will enable this feature in the music industry, the point is to provide music lovers the benefit to stream trending music through mftu multi channel at the clients convenient time and at almost zero cost.

CYBERFM platform incentivizes clients and artist with their native token (CYFM) built on ethereum blockchain (ERC20) based on their activities in the platform, CYFM token can be used to download musics, reward artists, stream music etc by users of the platform, the cyberFM will be accessible by all people globally with just a tap on their gadgets. Artists can enlist their songs on the CyberFM radio platform and it will be broadcasted without incurring any cost to them. The platform is a dual token platform “MFTU and CYFM” . MFTU is acromy of Mainstream For The Underground. Both token have similarities that serves almost the same purpose within the platform.

WIth the help of blockchain technology and smart contract, cyberFM radio will create an ecosystem where an upcoming artists can develop their music talent and also gain global recognition at no cost, this approach will help eliminate barriers faced by many talented artist in their career and consequently introduced a fair, transparent and an enjoyable atmosphere in the world.


The cyberFM app gives you direct access to many features including many channels for music streaming etc, You can download the mobile application for free through these platforms; Google Play Store for Android users, Apple Store for iOS users and Amazon. The cyberFM app has a user-friendly interface which allows both noobs and pro to navigate conveniently, download the app on the following links
google playstore
Apple store

CYFM TOKEN a native token of the platform and a tradable ERC20 is already listed on many exchanges and CMC, visit here


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