Mhealthcoin is one of the best development results of the blockchain technology that has experienced excellent achievements and ideas based on a system that allows both investors whether individual or cooperate bodies to keep their body fit and healthy which aim to enhance production at their daily activities .

Mhealthcoin is a secure crypto ecosystem innovated by great teams that have proven experience in the blochchain industry and the internet of things, which is design to collect health data from users of the platform and analyses these health data to define their health status with the help of artificial intelligence. The mhealthcoin archives this vision through the aid of a wearable device.

We live in an unhealthy environment that are cause by natural or artificial phenomenon such as earthquake plumes, carbon monoxide. We inhale these gases and also even the food we eat are sometimes not healthy. These means human beings need to be proactive and stay away from illness and disease if one must fulfil destiny that is having long life here on earth. Living healthy life is the goal for everyone to be relevant whenever duty calls any given time. There is no employer or CEO of any company no matter how big or small the company might look her employer must be looking healthy at times and if you are not healthy that might eventually leads to retrenchment of staff.

Mhealthcoin believe that in quest to the answer to health challenges is to engage and empower the individual, to take control and be placed in the center of the system through a means of decentralization of the existing health industry that does not give room for the provide tangible solution and reward in getting healthy. However l firmly believe that through mhealthcoin ecosystem it is not only the individual patient who need to get healthy who will benefit, but all stakeholders that will also be empowered and engaged through the various facets of the system.

The wearable device is smart device that calculate the numbers of calories burn by individual which is very open and secure on the wrists why doing exercise at home, on the road and other gymnastics center or even sleeping. Theses calculation help to reward every one that possess the device and also to improve their health status that is the device helps to control the number of calories in the body. With mhealthcoin you get paid for sharing your health data.


Can be used for kids: parents and guardian will be able to track the geographical position of their children if they are presently in school, playground etc. with the help of the GIS software on the device. This means your children are safe and healthy.
Can be use for elderly or aging population – the elderly one or the aging who spent most of their time at home can now have quick response in case of emergency that need urgent attention just by making a simple call
Can be used for digital sporting .It can be use a digital learning system where users can keep their self-fit and stay healthy. The devices comprises of different forms of workout that is structure in way for users to attain their set target goals in looking fit and living healthy all times.
The world class device of the mhealthcoin have the ability to connect to appliances at home .this is done by integrating the internet of things technology on the smart device.


The mhealthcoin has it own token is develop on the ethereum smart contract which well built and secure for easy transaction and reward for users of the platform .
Start date February 15th, 2019 March 1st, 2019
End date February 28th, 2019 June 30th, 2019
Ticker MHEC
Token type ERC20
Mining Yes
Token supply (for sale/total) 3,120,000,000 / 6,000,000,000
Soft cap ETH 3,000 or BTC 732 or equivalent value
Hard cap USD 25,000,000
Estimated capitalization (Total valuation = Hard cap/tokens for sale * total token supply) ~ USD 48m
Token price Please, see the pricing model below.
Discounts/Bonuses Yes
Lock-ups Yes
Minimum purchase 0.1 ETH or 0.003175 BTC
Currencies accepted ETH, BTC
Restricted list China, USA
KYC procedures Yes, performed by the team
Country of legislation Hong Kong

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