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in the digital era today many people want to get results from the virtual world or Online.
many ways they do, such as youtube, Publisher, affiliate marketing, blogger, and others.   some have their own capital and some are free to do all that.   Therefore We Introduce Decentralized Platforms that can be used to do all of them in one portal that is miBoodle
  • MiBoodle WHAT is this?   *
miBoodle is a platform that enables users to use monthly news using proven sustainable digital media methods, including;
All members can become micro-publishers, build 10 personalized news websites based on content that interests you.
All members can become Social-Influencer by providing social media campaigns aimed at your various social networks.   miBoodle takes this campaign across and re-allocates revenue to you that you can see on your dashboard.
All members can become Micro Affiliates.   Our affiliate program is a Referral-based program where miBoodle will pay you for all the new members you generate through the miBoodle platform.
1. Become a web publisher
Membership of miBoodle allows members to build up to 10 personal news sites around topics they are interested in. You can simply add the Keyword Topics you’re interested in and our proprietary technology that analyzes all the content we receive every day and just populate your personalized news sites with content that matches your Keyword Topics, plus your own written content about the subject provides all unique site members that you can share across your social network manually or automatically.
2. Become a Social Publisher
Anyone who has a social media account can become a social influencer and with our miBoodle allows consumers who have 100 to 100,000 followers to start monetizing their social audience by becoming a Social Influencer. You simply integrate your social media account with miBoodle, choose the influence campaign you want to send to your Social account, send & Voila, your first Social influencer campaign has been submitted. Check your dashboard regularly for revenue updates.
3. Become an Affiliate
Being an Affiliate can not be easier, you simply refer your friends to miBoodle via the platform and everyone who joins means you get paid, the best thing about our Affiliate program, so that you simply set it up, new members join and you get paid, very simple!
Level miBoodle
miBoodle offers all members increased income opportunities through tiers of miBoodle! miBoodle is built on 4 tier with each level giving members a chance to increase their earnings, to get to the next level you need to use miBoodle token as utility token when in next level you will get more money
4.1. miBodle animal 1
Level 1 provides all members with full miBoodle functionality and your earnings are at the bottom margin.
4.2 miBodle animal 2
Tier 2 provides all members with full miBoodle functionality and your earnings are at a 10% + base margin.
4.3 miBodle Tier 3
Level 3 provides all members with full miBoodle functionality and your earnings are at the base margin + 20%
4.4 miBodle animal 4
Tier 4 (Top Tier) provides all members with full miBoodle functionality and your earnings are at a base margin of + 30%.
Token 5.mBoodle (MIBO)
the miBoodle token is an ERC-20 utility token that allows all members to enter the higher miBoodle level. the miBoodle token is an ERC-20 token made on the Ethereum network. To receive miBoodle token (MIBO) you must have a Ethereum-based wallet, we would recommend myethereum swallow.
6.Kick start your miBoodle account
Everyone loves something for free & just to set up your miBoodle account, we’ll pay you £ 20.00 ($ 27.00) in miBoodle token. There are 50 tokens available to you with each token worth £ 0.40p ($ 0.55). To get the Free money & tokens allocated to your account, just complete below.
7. social networking features
Sharing regular content on your social networks is a great way to increase your social networking followers, friends and great ways to increase engagement. With miBoodle you can share regular content on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, and automatically for simplicity. Therefore, members simply match News sites created with social networks and miBoodle distributes according to member distribution preferences. More and more of your friends and followers have increased your Social Influence and your earning potential through miBoodle.
miBoodle is a UK registered trademark of RightMatch Media Ltd, company number 09334426, address, 10 Orange Street, Haymarket, London, WC2H 7DQ
Press asked, email – press@miboodle.com
Job inquiry, email – jobs @ miboodle. com
For other things, email info@miboodle.com
profile URL:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1624619

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