Micro-Pc Platform

Micro-Pc Platform

In spite of the fact that there are a few projects available that enable clients to shield their wallets from crypto-valyutics from phishing, adventures and programmer assaults by putting away mystery keys on another different gadget that associates with a PC, this technique isn’t completely secured, since the PC framework can without much of a stretch infiltrate.

The improvement of the Micro-PC, the stage is one in the entirety of our most striking comes. The production of the stage started in 2018. From the begin and till the release our stage, a few innovative issues were examined and unraveled, that empowered America to amazing our framework and make the ideal thought of future crypto trades.

This demonstrates the measure of affiliation exponentially expanding the utility base and trust in cryptographic money as a vital and medium-sized exchange store. Its development is something that is enlivened with the help of tests of genuine worldwide use for straightforwardness and constant blockchain LED innovation, and its endowments and snappier, shared exchanges and decreasing belonging esteem.


CryptoWorkPlace (CWP) is a decentralized framework working based on your own PC with Linux programming and it is a USB streak drive measured gadget, which ensures the most abnormal amount of security from a wide range of altering, programmer assaults and unapproved get to.

CryptoWorkPlace is an advanced framework dependent on square changers, made on a PC to give clients access to gadgets and frameworks that can shield their funds and individual information from unapproved access by outsiders, programmer assaults or vindictive programming.

The CryptoWorkPlace (CWP) microcomputer is one of a kind contrasted with such projects, since it’s anything but a wallet with digital forms of money, yet a free PC with a working framework and other helpful highlights, for example, multicurrency cryptocodes, access to different exchanging stages, talk locales and numerous others

We give the accompanying arrangements:

•            A framework fit for securing every one of your information

•            Our PC is no bigger than a normal blaze drive

•            Implementation of every single required assignment at the same time

•            Multicurrency wallets

•            Smart Contract Automation


CWP Micro-PC will fundamentally disentangle your life and ensure your information and cash at the correct dimension. You never again should fear programmers or con artists, in light of the fact that CWP will put forth a valiant effort. Because of its security framework and work process innovation, CWP Micro-PC is really viewed as the cutting edge gadget.

The utilization of Linux working framework

So as to guarantee the most extreme dimension of security, it is prescribed to utilize a different work station kept running by Linux expelling all Internet applications that could get to your cryptographic money wallet. CWP Micro-PC is structured explicitly for such purposes as to shield you from unapproved access through existing applications.

How it functions

The program is a square estimation of the dead in a situation segregated from the benefactor PC. The square proportion of the client’s learning is scrambled on the gadget (at the client’s decision), which makes dependable security to ensure programmers by and by.

The framework keeps all current security issues:

Phishing – utilizing a pre-designed program and applications marked with a solitary key;

Adventures working in a segregated situation of related degrees and utilizing gesture based communication programs;

Programmers assaulted – hacked worked in capacities – in non-destructible cryptographic capacity.

Road map


The idea of ​​a digital computer security platform


US patent application


Contract manufacturing of microcomputers


CryptoWorkPlace thought


TGE preparation

Image release

Connection to the blockchain affiliate program occurs

Conclusion of partnership agreements

Development of promotional materials for the project

Start positioning

WhiteList invitations



Creating a CWT token and launching its good contract

Exchange: CWT-P token for the first CWT token on one CWT-P = one CWT

Crowd sale

TGE KYC procedure

Beta Online Portal

LIVE product presentation


list of CWT jobs in a European country on cryptocurrency exchanges

Opening offices in the USA and Japan

Launch of the Internet portal and CryptoWorkPlace blockchain

CWP Traveler Development

Testing products in independent laboratories

Preparation for mass production of devices and the launch of technical support

Development of distribution channels


Production increase



Up to twenty housing units per quarter



Closed pre-sale stage

Creating a CWT token and starting a good contract


October 1, 2018: launch of the general public. Pre-TGE

Community project development.

Translation of materials into TOP-3 languages

. The release of a pilot batch of devices.

December 2018: Alpha one.0 CWP device without fat.


Serial production of CWP & CWP pair

Partnership procedure: Amazon, AliExpress, Ebay


Partnership Procedure: Home Buyers

Serial production of the product CWP professional & CWP CORP100


Production increase




Up to 1000 units per quarter


Production increase




Up to 10,000 units per quarter

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