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Migration starts from one country to another to find an increasingly high life for oneself, or one’s family is one of the most popular tasks of men in our time. The world is experiencing a dramatic increase in legal movements abroad to work or move as refugees, and there are around 250 million or more migrants from developing countries to work in developed countries. The latest data shows that the annual cross transfer amounts to more than $ 600 billion.


National migration and tourism strategies between and within various countries are handled manually by human workers or third party agents to handle movable documents as a framework of activities The exploitation and exploitation has invaded. This framework has failed to raise surprising costs, extend the time of holding and extorting migrants so that their moving documents are easily processed.

Block chain innovation is the right infrastructure to spread faith and we must use it to have a lasting impact on the lives of a large number of migrant individuals who are looking for green pastures from one country to another. other countries.

Because the MIGRANET platform has observed that the entire migration process is broken and it really needs to be corrected, that is true and I believe that if all the problems listed above will be resolved and avoided, tourists and migrants must start considering the MIGRANET platform. blockchain based platform. A good thing about the platform is based on the blockchain that users and members always have freedom, access and control not at all like their partners who are not based on the blockchain network.

The MIGRANET platform has introduced various features and services provided for users and customers to help move easily for all and needs. Part of the new feature is the introduction of free expert reviews on the platform to consider the various options available to migrants.

Migration documents and personal details are very safe on the blockchain network compared to what we experienced on other platforms out there. Securing migration documents and personal information is one of the priorities of the MIGRANET platform, where I believe that migrants will be happy to know about the security of their documents. 

The MIGRANET platform collects little or no cost for the entire migration process and documents are not the same as what is experienced on other mobile platforms. MIGRANET decided to cut a total of 90% of the travel costs with other costs which I believe migrants will also be satisfied with the reduction.

Platform Migranet performs all migration related procedures using:
  • Advanced blockchain workmanship innovation
  • Biometric differentiator
  • Artificial knowledge
  • To coordinate speed, accuracy, responsibility, and politeness within the framework of world migration.

Migranet is the solution to problems related to:

  • National and worldwide migration frameworks
  • Human trafficking
  • Movement movement
  • Extensive handling time for migration
  • Movement that violates the law
  • Danger for national security due to the absence of safe screening.


  • Migranet conducts free assessments, offering expert assumptions from their group of legitimate specialists guaranteed.
  • There is high security on the Migranet platform because all operator movements, reports, and biometric identification are confirmed and verified on the blockchain.
  • Migranet is 90% less expenditure compared to the previous system,

Step 1: Register

In the underlying stage, candidates enter their data including advanced history, country of birth, express dialect, instruction, and others. 

Stage 2: Choose

At this stage, artificial intelligence calculations present the most feasible conclusions that can be accessed for potential relocation depending on transient objectives – this can be in the form of instruction, work, travel, or perpetual residency. Transients can also physically choose their destination country if they meet the requirements.

Stage 3: Apply

When migrants have chosen a particular country, the person is ready to submit an ideal status. Fees are exchanged from the MIG wallet. Migranet is finally the application procedure and works with meetings in the destination country to complete the application procedure.


The Migranet platform has traditional tokens called MIG tokens; this is a utility token used for processing migration and shipping costs through the Migranet platform. The Migranet platform is expected to build a wallet where MIG tokens will be stored and used when needed.


Migranet has organized a crowraising system to fund this project. So you can buy MIG tokens through their official website or click here:

You can also get MIG tokens through the IEO which takes place at IDax exchange (www.idax.pro) which will be launched on May 16, 2019 at 10:00 am (UTC + 8).


  • Token Name: Migranet Token
  • Simbol: ME
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Hard cap: 75M USD
  • Soft cap: 20 million USD
  • Token Price: 1 MIG = $ 0.20 USD
  • Price of IEO tokens = 0.15 USD (25% discount)
  • Tokens available for sale: 21,111,000 MI


Token Symbol => MIG

Blockchain Network => ERC20

Supply Token => 850,000,000 MIG

Supply Circular => 510,000,000 MIG

Soft-Cap => $ 20,000,000

Hard-Cap => $ 75,000,000


60 % Allocated to Public Sales

30% Allocated to

5.5% Reserves allocated to

2.5% Team Allocated to Advisors

2% Allocated to Bounties


30% FUNDS Allocated to Platform Development

21% Allocated to Recruitment &

18% Compensation allocated to Marketing, Media, and

17% Events Allocated to

10% Reserves Allocated to Admin, Security & Audit

4% Allocated for Legal



Site   ⇒  https://migranet.io/

Whitepaper ⇒ https://migranet.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Migranet-Whitepaper-v.1.1.10.pdf

Medium ⇒ https: / /medium.com/migranet

Instagram ⇒  https://www.instagram.com/migranet/

Facebook ⇒ https://www.facebook.com/migranet888/

Twitter ⇒ https://twitter.com/migranet1

Telegram ⇒ https: / /t.me//migranet


Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579432 

Ethereum address:0x3B1641149960E5581768a7aD8C296F927ec1BeE1


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