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Migration begins with one nation then to the next to seek superior life, the more honorable for oneself, or one’s family is the most prominent among the most extensive human searches of our time. The world faces a sensational increase in legitimate movements abroad to work or move as displaced people, and there are around 250 million migrants from those developing countries to work in developed countries. The latest data shows that cross-annual money transfers have risen to more than $ 600 (USD) billion.

The Blockchain technology as we all know is the latest and the best technology recently in all sectors that have adopted its use and recorded positive growth. This is the same technology that MIGRANET has decided to use to free migrants from all scammers and third parties who provide scam services to people and travelers around the world. People always believe it’s not easy and it’s also impossible to travel and do their own documentation which they think has brought them to the services of scammers or incompetent third party agents.

Many are missing from scammers in the name of migration from one area to another. Some third party services have deceived a large amount of their customer’s money that can never be recovered. This is why I believe the MIGRANET platform is the savior that people have been waiting for because it comes with advanced features to revolutionize the entire migration industry and also improve the migration process.

Every time I remember what happened to me a few years ago I always felt bad because the amount of money I lost for third party services was all in the name of processing and documentation where in the end no documents were provided. valid and to this day no agent has been found. If only I had known the MIGRANET platform at that time I believed my problem would be prevented.

As a platform MIGRANET has observed that the entire migration process is broken and it really needs to be fixed which is certainly true and I believe if all the problems listed above will be resolved and avoided, travelers and migrants need to start considering the MIGRANET platform which is a blockchain based platform. One good thing about blockchain based platforms is that users and members always have complete freedom, access and control unlike their counterparts who are not based on the blockchain network.

The MIGRANET platform has introduced various features and services to be provided to users and customers to facilitate migration for everyone. Part of the new features is the introduction of free assessments by experts on the platform to consider the various options available to migrants.

Personal documents and details of migrants are highly secured on the blockchain network against what we experience on other platforms out there. The security of migrant documents and personal details is one of the priorities of the MIGRANET platform where I believe every migrant will be happy to hear about the security of their documents.

The MIGRANET platform costs little or nothing for the entire migration process and documentation, unlike what is experienced in other migration platforms. MIGRANET has decided to cut all migration costs by 90% of the costs of others where I believe migrants will also be pleased with the reduction.

MIGRANET provides a high level of transparency in the entire process of migration and documentation and migrants will have details of full access to migration and how it is done. The use of smart blockchain contracts by the MIGRANET platform will definitely protect migrants from all forms of fraud and malpractice.

MIGRANET has also launched its own token which will be used as a payment fee on the platform. All migrants need to do is get MIGRANET tokens and use them to pay processing fees. More information about tokens and their sales will be summarized below



Token Symbol => MIG

Blockchain Network => ERC20

Supply Token => 850,000,000 MIG

Supply Circular => 510,000,000 MIG

Soft-Cap => $ 20,000,000

Hard-Cap => $ 75,000,000


60 % Allocated to Public Sales

30% Allocated to

5.5% Reserves allocated to

2.5% Team Allocated to Advisors

2% Allocated to Bounties


30% FUNDS Allocated to Platform Development

21% Allocated to Recruitment &

18% Compensation allocated to Marketing, Media, and

17% Events Allocated to

10% Reserves Allocated to Admin, Security & Audit

4% Allocated for Legal


For More Information:

Website => https://migranet.io

Whitepaper => https://migranet.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Migranet-Whitepaper-v.1.1. 10.pdf

ANN Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5124821.0

Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/migranet888/

Twitter => https://twitter.com/migranet1

Telegram => https://t.me//migranet

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