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Migration has been a fundamental part of life throughout the history of our planet. Now, with globalization and the growing connectivity of the world, migration has become one of the most obvious features of our planet. For hundreds of years, scholars and policy makers have studied the reasons behind and the impact of migration. There is a lot of knowledge that illustrates the complexity, dynamism and sometimes conflicting relationships between development and migration. Although the importance of migration is a reality for many households and individuals, as well as challenges for many economies, it has been removed from the Millennium Millennium Development Goals. National (MDG). However, 2017 migration has been adjusted as part of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG).

We believe that everyone has the right to birth to choose anywhere in the world to call home, full of freedom, safety and dignity. Instead, every year, millions of migrants and refugees give up a better life due to red tape, unfair fees and fraudulent acts. From these issues, members of the Migranet have built a project with the aim of helping people who need legal migration.

Advantages of Migranet

Migranet presents a one-stop solution for recognized migrants and migrant practitioners by automating the handling of migration applications. It also assists refugees with assessing their skills, so they can be integrated into the host country’s post selection.

Migrants will use the Migranet platform to upload professional credentials and report profiles in the application phase, before a professional review. Their logins and background declarations will then be stored on the blockchain. Integrated smart contracts will also provide protection for migrants from fraud, negligence and distortions

The Migranet platform will automatically update regulations, policies and laws that will support migrants and migrant practitioners recognized in the registration process. Artificial intelligence will provide individuals with the options and freedom to choose their host country based on the results of their professional information and their statement of identity. The Migranet platform addresses payment problems encountered by migrants and migrant practitioners around the globe. These include migrants who do not have access to credit cards, high conversion rates, delays in money transfers and high bank charges.

Benefits of participants of Migranet

The Migranet will provide a platform where authentic information of migrants will be assessed by AI. After the evaluation is completed, migrants will be provided with all possible options of the host country based on their eligibility. Professional opinion will be provided free of charge to migrants.

The Migranet will work with selected law firms around the world to handle cases such as appeals, asylum and application of family classes or any other situation that requires legal intervention.

Migranet will assign refugees a biometric-based ID that will be saved on the blockchain to ensure that the identity of refugees is safe, private and unchanged. Biometric-based identification will also support the host country to relocate refugees.

To ensure refugee safety and to keep their original identity confidential, the designated biometric ID will not include the legal name, birth date and country of origin — only the encrypted hash code.

Migranet’s AI technology will support refugees to verify accurate information that will accelerate their relocation in the host country.

As a value-oriented organization, Migranet will create a Migranet Charitable Foundation after the platform works. Part of the profits will be dedicated to helping those who have difficulty in moving.

The Migranet platform solves payment problems by introducing unified token, a form of transferable utility token between parties in the form of legal bidding, which can be converted into fiat or codes Other notice.

Token information of Migranet

Migranet introduces MIG, a unified encryption utility token, that will be used to pay for services on the Migranet platform.

The goal of Migranet is to have 75 offices worldwide, to assist migrants with applications and currencies converted to MIG token in online customer service. However, Migranet will start with an office in each area. There will be an office on every major continent (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia). The Migranet will have embassies on all six continents. Having an office in different countries will allow it to operate with the mandate of an embassy.

As a value-oriented organization, Migranet will create a Migranet Charitable Foundation after the platform works. Part of the profits will be dedicated to helping those who have difficulty in moving.

If you have migration needs, learn about this project through the links below :

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